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Chapter 3 - "Fascinations"
dungeons and dragons
Translation: Christine & Mary
Beta Reader: Aislin Avalbane
Thanks to Gellert for help ^_^

3. Fascinations.

Like anyone would be
I am flattered by your fascination with me *

When Severus Snape, the Potions Master at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was on his way to a Monday afternoon lesson with the sixth-year students, only one thought was prevailing in his head: Potter!

The brat did not show up to meals, he could not meet him in the corridors, he even left his beloved Quidditch practice. He was nowhere in sight, as if he had vanished into thin air. And he had the audacity to send McGonagall to tell him that he wanted to resign from his classes.

No, I will not allow this! I'm still not finished with him. It's only now that it gets really interesting… said a sinister voice in Severus's head.

He thinks he can hide from me and that he can ignore me! He had the whole weekend to come to me, but he did not show up! A cheeky little coward who is afraid of confrontation. He has always been a coward, just like his beloved father. Not to mention the wolf and the mongrel – his godfather. A band of brainless clowns!

The Potions Master's eyes narrowed dangerously.

Today he must show up. If he does not come to my class…

He glanced at several first-year students as he made his way to the lesson, all of whom had had slid toward a corridor, away from him, terrified. His black cape fluttered angrily behind him. He looked like a bat, preying on its victims.

Severus smiled nastily.

On the other hand, he is not such a coward as he seems. He threw himself at the son of the Malfoy family and broke his nose. Well, not that Potter could ever control himself. It was enough to provoke him just a little to make him get furious. He always snapped, but to attack a student in class, right under his Head of House's nose … I didn't expect that Potter would do such a thing…

… Just as he did not expect that he was Harry Potter's greatest desire. It was an amazing, even shocking discovery, given the hatred that Potter had for him all these years. And vice versa. If someone had told him earlier that Potter wanted him, he would have laughed at him cruelly. But he knew that the potion was brewed correctly. He knew it was true. He saw it with his own eyes…

… He saw with his mind's eye the young man looking dreamily, staring at him with adoration. He saw the pain of desire, painted on Potter's face. The hunger he saw in those green eyes was indescribable. Nobody, in Snape's whole life, had ever looked at him in such a way and pronounced his name with such desire. It was something new.

He remembered his own fright that appeared when he realized what kind of passions the elixir had aroused in Potter. He'd expected different things not … not this!

He could not tear his eyes away from Potter's, which had ceased noticing anything else, and saw only Severus Snape. For a few moments, Severus had become the center of the world for Harry Potter. It was an extraordinary feeling.

Falling deeper into his memories, Snape remembered the tears streaming down Potter's cheeks and the clearly visible bulge in his trousers.

No! He would not think of Potter and his erection!

Snape stepped into another corridor and saw two Ravenclaw seventh-years kissing and chased them, enraged, taking fifteen points. Once they had fled his view, he returned to his memories.

Only the desk had prevented Potter from reaching him.

And what would have happened if there had been no desk…?

He remembered the dread that had appeared on Harry Potter's face when he finally cast the spell at him, completely dragging Potter back to earth. Disgust, shame, embarrassment, aversion. Only Snape saw it. Potter looked like he was ready to vomit. Severus wasn't surprised though. Not often does a man learn that his deepest, most powerful and impossible to control desire is the hated by all, disgusting Potions Master.

Snape smiled bitterly at himself. This, of course, changed nothing. He would continue to hate Potter, only now he would have power over him. With this knowledge, he could do anything to him. He could not deny himself the use of this fact to humiliate the brat even more. And maybe he would manage to use this knowledge in another way?

On his lips appeared a cruel smile.

Oh, how Potter must have been crushed … Surely his whole life collapsed on his head ... Now he must find some therapy…

But not everything could go his way. Half of the children from Slytherin had fathers that were Death Eaters, and it was only a matter of time befor the Dark Lord found out everything. At any moment Snape expected him to call him for an appointment. And he would have no choice. He would have to be the first to inform him. The Dark Lord would find it interesting for sure.

The Potions Master frowned and quickened his pace.

Potter has to come, otherwise he will regret it!

When the professor walked to the area where the students were waiting before the class began, he looked at their faces and burning rage overwhelmed him when he realized that Potter was not among them.

That nasty, little, arrogant, cowardly … Snape began to recite in his mind as he opened the door and let the students into the classroom. Out of the corner of his eye, a sudden movement that caught his attention. He looked up and saw Potter coming out stealthily from around the corner and going to the end of the queue of students entering the class.

Snape smiled triumphantly in his mind.

And yet he came.
Potter walked past him without even giving him a single glance. In addition, the moment he passed by, he turned his head to a totally different side, as if he was not able to even look at him.

This arrogant git will regret coming here. He really will regret it… thought the Potions Master, slamming the door angrily.

Everyone jumped at the sound and watched with terror as the professor went to the middle of the room. Snape surveyed the students who were taking their seats and removing their books and other materials from their bags. He kept his eye on Potter for a while as well.

The Gryffindor was sitting between Weasley and Granger. While preparing for the lesson, he didn't say a word to anyone. In fact, he was so intent on not looking at Snape, or making any contact with anyone else, that Potter didn't remove his eyes from the cauldron and books … And probably he was the only one Snape thought, noticing that the students were glancing quickly, once at him and once at Potter.

"Silence!" Snape finally growled at the lingering chatter of other students, wanting to start the lesson as soon as possible. "Today you will prepare a potion that causes hair growth. This elixir is so simple that anyone should be able to brew it. However, seeing where some people's skills," the Potions Master looked at Longbottom, "and embarrassing level of intellectual capacity are as such to put them beneath the average student, I have very serious doubts."

Neville blushed profusely, and looked away.

Severus smiled to himself and glanced at Potter, waiting for his reaction, but the young man was obstinately looking at a knag on his table, as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. The Potions Master felt irritated. If Potter wanted to play with him, he would be happy to teach him a few rules to the game…

"On the blackboard are written the ingredients," Severus waved his wand, "and how to prepare the potion. In the cabinet," the next wave, "are the necessary ingredients. At the end of the lesson I'll check your results. Your potion should be a clear liquid with a faint aroma of musk. Whoever prepares the worst …" Snape lowered his voice for a moment, "will drink it and see for himself what effects may result from ignorance and stupidity in such a sublime art, which is brewing potions."

Longbottom went deathly pale, swallowed his saliva, and looked with horror on the blackboard. Students murmured and whispered indignantly, but Snape completely ignored them. He went to his desk, sat down beside it and began to check on the students' essays, every once in a while sweeping the class with his look to check that none of the students caused a serious disaster. When a class such as this consists of a gang of mindless, lazy children, an accident is not impossible.

Everyone got up and retrieved the ingredients … No, not everyone. Potter stayed down? Well, yes, Granger brought them to him. He always loved to use other people.

He turned his eyes back to the essay before him.

'Mandrake Root is needed for abdominal pain, and when someone is sick…'

What nonsense!

Severus moved his hand and crossed out the entire essay.

He took another look at the classroom. A dark mop of hair drew his eyes.

What is he doing? Why is he still sitting and staring at the desk? Everyone follows all the instructions carefully, he is the only one who does not want to look in this direction. The ingredients are listed on the blackboard, you fool!

'Mandrake was a root that wanted to become a man, but a bad witch threw a curse on it…'

Do these brats leave their brains at home, if they even have any?

At the next look, he immediately focused on the small figure. A wrinkle appeared between Severus's bark brows.

What is Granger whispering to Potter? She keeps glancing at the blackboard and … Snape's eyebrows furrowed. What did I just see? Is she dictating to him what is written on it? What a shameless coward! Well, what could I expect from him? He will negate it, he will deny it, but in the end he will break down … Don't bother, Potter. Don't fight it. You just can't win. You'll have to accept it…

He was filled with a gloomy satisfaction. He smiled to himself and returned to the virulent essays.

"Mandrake Root is good for cleaning teeth…"

Severus felt a headache coming on. Why must he waste his time on such nonsense?

He looked again. He looked directly at Potter. The young man was drawing his gaze to him like a black hole. As if there were no other people in the classroom.

He finally got down to work. He's chopping the roots of valerian with the knife, but… hmm, something isn't right. He just winced… like he felt pain? I guess so, because he moved the knife to his left hand.

Snape narrowed his eyes, looking closely at Potter's right hand with which he held the root.
Something isn't right… It looks like something sorely wounded and injured it. Some… small, sharp shards? The wounds have only healed…


What did this fool break with his hand? Malfoy's nose isn't made of glass.

And anyway, what does it matter if Potter's hand is wounded…

Severus returned to the essays, but he couldn't concentrate on them. Either way, all were suitable for the thrash. There was no sense at all in wasting his time checking these scribbles. He put down his quill and leaned against the chair shooting to the class a menacing look. He looked up just in time to see Malfoy turning a piece of paper into a small bird and blowing it in the air, sending it… Snape watched the path the animated paper bird took … to … Potter.

Severus narrowed his eyes dangerously.

"Accio," he snapped, and the note changed direction and, to the Slytherin's dismay, fell straight into the professor's outstretched hand. When Severus tightened his fingers around it, Malfoy, always pale, went even paler and opened his mouth to say something.

"Yes, Mr. Malfoy?" asked Snape, raising an eyebrow.

The Slytherin immediately shut his mouth, shooting the professor a hateful look. Severus saw with the corner of his eye, that Potter had gone pale as well. Guessing what he would see, he opened the origami bird and peered into the little letter. However, what he saw surpassed even his wildest expectations. In the corner of the paper was a drawing, made by hand, where Potter was leaning forward and Severus was making very suggestive moves around the young man's ass. However, what was written underneath, made Snape's cheeks, for the first time since his childhood, blush.

The text was one of the "funny" Slytherins' songs:

When Potter sees Snape

He gasps right away.

And tears runs down his cheeks

He has problems with his balls

He groans, gasps and daydreams

He dreams only about Snape who puts in him --

Severus crushed the bird in his hand, not reading the end, and he glanced at Draco with murderous eyes.

His mind was filled with a surge of rage. How dare his own Slytherin's write such things about him! About Potter they can afford to write whatever they like, but nobody can write such things about the Potions Master!

Oh, he knew that Potter would not have an easy life now, but he didn't care about what kind of harassment the Golden Boy recieved! But of course, he hadn't thought that he may also now become the object of the students' jokes. He did not expect that anyone would dare challenge his authority. Especially not Malfoy… even if he is the son of a Death Eater. He determined Malfoy would regret doing this! Embarrassing him like this!

"Mr. Malfoy!" An angry hiss came out of Severus's mouth. "Your House just lost twenty points! You will report to me in the evening for your detention! Punctually at seven!"

The Slytherin sat stiffly, as if he had swallowed a stick, and his eyes stared at Snape in angry disbelief.

The class was filled with murmurs of surprise.

A Slytherin was punished! Malfoy was punished! By Snape!

"Silence!" Snape growled, giving the students a stern gaze. "If once again I catch anyone uttering the slightest hint about the incident which took place in the previous lesson, they will be punished with a detention for every weekend until the end of the school year!" Severus scanned the faces of the terrified students, noticing that Potter was looking into his cauldron , his cheeks crimson. His gaze then lingered on Malfoy's angry face, on which appeared a quick and very brief grimace of scorn, as if the Slytherin didn't give a damn about the ban and was sure he would somehow avoid it. "If anyone tries to break the ban, I will know about it, I assure you! Is that clear, Mr. Malfoy?"

Draco bit his lip and stared defiantly at Snape. His grey eyes darkened like clouds during a storm, and every now and then the lightning of his wounded pride would flash in his pupils, striking Snape, as if he wanted to cremate him immediately. He looked like he was fighting with himself. After several moments of tense silence, he nodded his head stiffly.

"Excellent," replied the Potions Master in a venomous tone. He didn't like Malfoy's rebellious behavior. He had to set him back in order. No one could oppose him. No one! "Now get back to work."

He turned around briskly and sat in his chair at his desk, from where he had a perfect view of the entire class. The students, after exchanging several glances, returned to their work. For the rest of class no one said a word. Snape's threat, that he who prepares the worst potion will have to drink it, was like a smack of whip and motivated them. None of the students wanted to be a guinea pig.

Potter dropped his knife several times, or scattered ingredients, which Snape didn't miss.

It's hard to believe that such a lame duck may be the best Seeker of this century, Severus thought, watching Potter as he tried to collect the ingredients from the floor. He always did have more luck than sense,however, Snape added in thought. All the more reason to hate him. Wonderful, stupidGryffindor brat! Severus almost spat the words aloud, his eyes sliding over the young man's thin, bony body, then his long limbs and wild hair.

What irritated him most, was the fact that since the beginning of the lesson Potter hadn't looked at him not even once, as if Severus was a worthless fly on the wall. The fact that Potter ignored him, drove him insane which was fueled additionally by the memory of the incident of the previous lesson, when the Gryffindor could see no one and nothing other than the Potions Master, as if Severus was the most important person in the world for him.

Now Potter pretended that he was nothing to him.

The awareness of this enraged Snape, and his heart was surrounded by an icy flame of anger that gradually prevailed in all his thoughts, his burning desire to humiliate Potter. To do something that would make him regret his behavior!

"Time's up!" Severus snapped, rising from his seat.

I'll force him!

Snape went through the class and stopped at the table where his most pathetic Gryffindor student was sitting, sweating profusely.

"Longbottom!" he hissed, looking with disgust at the lanky Gryffindor who was filled with fear. "Not only does your potion have the consistency of vomit, but what's worse is how it smells. Decided to choke us all, Longbottom?"

From the Slytherins' benches quiet laughter was heard.

The Gryffindor's face took the color of the elixir Desideria Intima.

"But what can one expect from someone who has a brain the size of a peanut?" Snape drawled. "The moment you were conceived, you were granted the gift of monopoly on failure." Severus tore his gaze from the boy the moment he looked like he was dreaming of hiding under the table, then glanced at Potter, who, gritting his teeth, was staring stubbornly at the other end of the class. "Of course, sometimes you share this gift with Potter." The moment he pronounced the last word, his eyes flashed and his voice became a venomous hiss, but the young man's only noticeable reaction was his trembling clenched fists. He didn't even glance at Snape. He made no gesture at all, as if he didn't even hear the professor's words. Snape could stand there and continue to offend his student, but it obviously wouldn't have any effect.

Snape felt the anger, which has been burning in him, turning into an all-consuming raging fire.

Potter should be mad, run amok, start screaming and protesting. He should do something! Yet he was just quietly sitting there, as if nothing Snape was saying could get to his heart, or strike a raw nerve. As if Severus had no power over the young man at all.

But Snape knew he had. He understood that at the previous lesson. He was seeing it now, when he was looking at the tightly clenched fist and quivering arms of the young man before him. Oh, Potter was already at his limit … He just had to push Potter a little harder and he would break!

"And now, Longbottom," he continued, turning his attention back to the flustered Gryffindor, "drink this miraculous potion of yours and let's see what happens to you. It can turn you into a pile of dragon dung. I doubt that anyone would be upset, but you may finally discover your fate."

Tears appeared in the boy's eyes. Some Gryffindors tried to protest, but Snape's glare silenced them.

"What are you waiting for? Drink it!" growled Snape menacingly, the tone of his voice making some students cringe.

Longbottom, swallowing his tears, took a bit of elixir in the bottle. His hand was shaking so much that he had difficulty placing it in his mouth.

"Stop it!" Granger's squeal broke the silence. The Gryffindor stood at her table with her eyes fixed rebelliously on her teacher. "You can't compel him to do this! You are not allowed to use your power to oppress students!"

"How dare you speak to me in that tone!" Snape's voice was trembling with rage. "Sit down you foolish girl and don't you ever speak to me like that again, or you'll be the one drinking this potion for Longbottom! Thirty points from Gryffindor!"

Granger went pale and swallowed hard. She wanted to say something more, but Weasley stopped her, pulling her gently by the sleeve and whispering something to her.

Severus turned back to Longbottom and gave him a stare full of loathing. The boy closed his eyes and quickly drank the potion.

The class went silent. Everyone was holding their breath, watching Neville shudder with disgust and setting the bottle down on the table. At the same moment tufts of black hair began to grow on his face and hands. In a few moments his whole body was covered with continuously growing hair, through which two mortally terrified eyes were shining.

"Well, well…" The professor's voice broke the silence prevailing in the classroom. "I see that your appearance at the end fits with your intellect" Severus derided. "Miss Granger, please escort the monkey to the Hospital Wing. Pomfrey can divise a way to restore him, and if not, it will be a small loss to the wizarding world."

Snape sneered, taking his eyes from Longbottom, whose hair was now so long it touched the floor. He turned his gaze to the table where Potter, Weasley and Granger were sitting. Granger got up from the table quickly and ran to help Neville. Holding his arm, she took him out of the class.

The triumph which Snape felt vanished like the morning mist when he saw that the whole time Potter was looking in the opposite direction, as if he didn't even care what Snape had done to his friend. Anger turned to an icy blade of fury, which stabbed the man's mind. He stalked straight towards the Gryffindor.

Severus stood right in front of the table and looked at Potter, who was bracing himself, a blush of anger burning on his cheeks, pallor giving way to fear. The Gryffindor's elixir had the color of honey and would be quite good, if only…

Belladonna leaves, thought the professor, squinting his eyes and looking at Potter, who was nervously biting his lips.

"What ingredient have you forgotten, Mr. Potter?" asked Snape, droning the words.

Harry looked at the bench and remained silent turning the rage that had been boiling up inside Severus during the entire lesson into something sharp, icy and uncontrollable. Potter continuously ignored him so ostentatiously, his fury had crossed the borders and drove him to the burning desire to once again see his reflection in the green eyes.

He longed to see Potter broken. He wanted him to finally lose control of himself. He wanted to see rage in those damned green eyes. To see thousands of unchecked feelings painted on Potter's face. He wanted to make him fall into madness, and see how deeply he hated him.

"I asked which ingredient you have forgotten!"

"I don't know, sir," Potter replied so quietly that Snape barely heard him.

"Maybe if you looked at the blackboard, then you'd know which ingredient you've missed!" growled Severus, feeling the burning anger take control of his mind making him more and more careless. "But why would you be interested in the mere order of the lesson's ingredients, since you're not even interested in the imploring look your so-called friend, Longbottom, fixed you with moments ago? He must be very disappointed in you. The Golden Boy would not save him this time… What a pity."

Potter flinched, and lightning cut his face.

Snape held his breath.

It worked.

Potter lifted his eyes slowly. For the first time since the beginning of the lesson he looked straight into Snape's eyes.

"Does it amuse you?" drawled a cool, harsh voice from Potter's lips. A voice, which had long crossed the borders of hatred. A voice, which burned a thousand emotions, throwing them in the flames. The green eyes were covered with a dark shadow, making them impossible for Severus to read. For a moment, sorrow and suffering flickered in them, quickly replaced with venomous contempt. Sorrow, disgust, hatred and… something else. Something strange, wild, unbridled, almost frantic … But everything was gone as quickly as it appeared, leaving only the stubborn emptiness and total indifference, as if Potter was trying at all costs to hide his emotions and push them deep inside himself, where the Potions Master would not be able to reach them.

But it was too late. Snape had already understood what he saw…

He felt triumph. As if Potter had given him the greatest gift he could ever imagine.

"Yes, greatly…" he replied, smiling viciously.

It was true. He had never been so greatly amused … Oh, but the real fun was just begining…

The bell, announcing the end of the lesson, made Severus blink several times, as if he was returning to reality. Potter bit his lip and quickly looked away. The Potions Master turned to the class and bellowed, "End of class. Everyone get out!"

He then quickly went to his desk. He needed some time alone. Time to think about what to do now. And he knew, oh yes, he knew very well … that he would be able to do everything…

The students rushed to pack their belongings, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible and tell everyone what happened. Snape, however, didn't care. He sat at his desk, watching Potter with narrowed eyes. The Gryffindor grimaced with pain when he raised his book bag to his shoulder and dropped it on the floor. Then, Severus, completely without thinking what he was doing, opened one of his drawers and took out a small bottle.

"Mr. Potter!" His voice made the boy stiffen. "Stay after class. I need to talk -"

He was unable to finish. Harry had grabbed his bag and ran out of the classroom so quickly, it was as if something was chasing him.

After a moment of consternation, Severus was once again overwhelmed by rage. Still, it was not enough to stamp out the brief triumph he'd gotten over Potter.

"Weasley!" growled Snape, before the Gryffindor could leave the classroom. The redhead gulped and looked with fear at the professor. "Come here."

When the young man stood before Snape's desk, the Potions Master gruffly handed him the small bottle. "Give this to Potter and tell him to apply it to his hand three times a day." Seeing Weasley's confused and untrusting face, Severus furrowed his eyebrows menacingly. "In my classroom, each student must have both hands functional," he added. "Don't look at me like that. If I wanted to poison Potter, I would have done it long ago."

When the shocked Gryffindor turned to leave, Severus stopped him one last time.

"And, Weasley, do advise Potter, it is unwise to ignore me in my classroom."

Weasley nodded and ran out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Then, there was a blessed silence in the room. Severus leaned back comfortably in his chair and sighed.

That had been an extremely … interesting lesson.


Wednesday evening, Professor Snape briskly walked the corridor, feeling the searing pain in his left forearm.

The Dark Lord already knew…

After Monday's lesson, during which he had forced Longbottom to drink his potion, all the staff members hadn't given him a moment's rest and continued to rub his nose in the dirt.

Pomfrey was the worst of them. "You could have poisoned him! He could have gone blind! You could even have killed him! I have never seen such irresponsible behavior from a professor!" she'd yelled at him.

Sprout, who looked like an indignant puffed out hen called him a sadist, and McGonagall – the next Mother Teresa of oppressed children – turned away from him ostensibly, every time she met him.

Small loss, thought Snape. At least, now, he didn't have to constantly look at her disapproving glares.

Even Dumbledore had taken him aside and given him a lecture about the abuse of power and humane treatment of the students, not to mention reminding Severus it was a professors duty to teach and encourage not to harm students for spite. Throughout the entire lecture, all Severus could remember was the horrid smell of Dumbledore's overly sweet tea, of which he was offered a cup.

If any of them thought that he would take their 'sacred' indignation to heart, they didn't know him very well. He hated it when someone interfered with his teaching methods, and with these students, there was no other way.

Severus frowned.

Since Longbottom had run and complained to everyone he met, the interesting thing was that, up till now, none of the professors had yet mentioned the incident with Potter. Apparently, the boy had decided to keep the whole thing to himself.

I don't blame him. Telling would mean he'd have to explain to them about his dark, sexual obsession with his Potions Master…

Snape smiled to himself.

Potter had begun to appear at the end of meals and in the corridors. Probably because his ban had worked.

But this wasn't the only thing that had changed. Severus felt, more and more, the Gryffindor's burning gaze. They were quick, furtive glances cast during meals or in the corridors. Not quick enough, though, for the Potions Master to notice them. And every time he felt great satisfaction. Everything was exactly like he had predicted. Potter began to break, he was getting weaker, he could not defend himself. In his looks, beyond the hatred, something mysterious began to appear … Curiosity and fascination began to prevail over humiliation and fear.

The most interesting thing, however, was encountering Potter this afternoon, in the hallway, when Snape was on patrol. Severus saw him, when the young man came around the corner, rummaging through his bag. When they crossed paths, Snape noticed how Potter looked up when the black shadows covered him and then his eyes suddenly grew round with fear. The result was Harry dropping the bag from his hands, which landed on the floor, scattering its components at Severus' feet.

"Potter," drawled Snape with a sarcastic tone. "I see that even meeting me in the corridor is a big challenge for your shattered nerves."

Harry blushed and began picking up his belongings from the floor. He didn't look up to but Severus had seen in his fumbling, stiff moves, enormous amounts of nervousness.

Potter was shaking so much, that Snape began to seriously wonder what Potter would do if he tried to touch him now. Cry? Run? He was tempted to find out.

But not yet…

He stood there for a moment, staring at the Gryffindor kneeling on the floor and gloated over the sight. Potter should always sink to his knees in front of him.

He smiled contemptuously and walked away.

Later, Snape wandered, many times, what impulse made him turn around after a few steps, but he had, and what he saw astonished him. Potter was standing in the middle of the corridor, pressing his bag to his chest and watching Snape with the eyes of a lost child, who appeared to be divested of something. But the moment he noticed Snape had turned around, he looked down in horror, and quickly left.

Soon, Potter will be unable handle his desire. Soon, he would start walking after him, begging him… about everything.

And then he would gloat. It was going to be a pleasure to see Potter humiliated in front of his eyes.

These thoughts didn't wish to leave Severus, even as he continued down the hall toward the main lobby. But now was not time for them. He needed to quickly erase them from his memory and forget everything.

The Mark on his arm burned him again.

The Dark Lord doesn't like to wait.

The Potions Master quickened his pace.


"Severus…" Voldemort's voice broke the silence in the dark room. A single chandelier hung from the ceiling, illuminating the faces of the Death Eaters who were sitting at a long table in the Malfoy residence's basement. "It's really very interesting." He smiled coldly. "Who would have imagined that Potter was capable of such… desires."

Snape's face was blank. He sat stiffly on the right side of Voldemort, and on his face was not a single shadow of his true feelings.

"I am glad that I could give you such interesting news, my Lord," he replied in a quiet, dispassionate voice.

"As usual, you didn't disappoint me," replied Voldemort. "What you said could help us. I think we will be able to use it." The Dark Lord's smile was viciously ghastly. "Look at me, Severus."

Snape sank with a glimpse of the Dark Lord's red, inhuman eyes. He felt a very strong awareness of the Dark Lord seeping into his mind. He let him without hesitation, as if he had no secrets before him. And then he felt a chill – Voldemort began to ram the orders straight into his head. The Dark Lord's thoughts as frozen as his heart, wrapped the Potions Master's mind, and dug their cold claws into his consciousness.

When Snape read them, he understood now why the Dark Lord would not let anyone else know of his plan.

Voldemort pulled out of his mind. Severus looked at him and he smiled darkly and nastily.

"You know what to do," hissed the Dark Lord.

"Of course," the Potions Master replied.

"As a reward for your devotion, you can retrieve information from our guests," said Voldemort. The Death Eaters, who had been watching everything with respectful silence, began to turn and look at each other.

"My Lord," said Lucius Malfoy suddenly, rising from his seat and inclining his head. "Forgive my temerity, but it is I who have brought them here. Am I not the one to have the honor of ..."

"Silence!" Voldemort's voice struck like lightning. "You dare question my command?"

"Of course not," Lucius quickly replied. "Forgive me." He quickly sat down on, looking at Snape with hatred and jealousy.

"You, Lucius, shall bring your son to me. I have a task for him," commanded the Dark Lord. Malfoy nodded.

"And now… Wormtail," Voldemort spoke very softly, as a mild, stooping figure appeared at the door. "Lead Severus to our guests."

"Certainly, my Lord," Pettigrew replied in a squeaky voice then bowed so low his nose almost touched the floor.

Snape stood up, not sparing a single glance at Malfoy, as if the man was a worm, beneath him in every way.

As he was headed for the door where Wormtail stood, the Dark Lord's voice stopped him. "Severus… when they have said everything … kill them."

The Potions Master nodded and walked out.

Wormtail took him to a small, stinking cell. Cowering against the wall were three frightened people covered with blood. They looked like a family. A squat witch, a tall, thin wizard with a matted beard who had dried blood on his eye, and a young witch, about nineteen, who must have been very attractive, until she'd been tortured beyond pain and suffering.

Severus stepped into the cell and looked at the family in an unexpressive, impassive way, as if he was looking at things and not at people. He pulled out his wand and said with no emotion in his voice, "Get out and close the door, Wormtail."


* "Uninvited" by Alanis Morisette

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jotel dnia stycznia 31 2011 18:56:27
aaa super smiley tłumaczenie dobre (nie ogarniam tłumaczek i tego, co robią nie znając polskiego xD) tylko 1 rzecz mi nie pasuje

He had never be so greatly amused

chyba had never been *patrzy nieśmiało*
czekam na dalszy ciąg po ang i na 49 po plsmiley
arielgobuss dnia stycznia 31 2011 20:04:28
Ok, dzięki, już poprawiłyśmy :)

nie ogarniam tłumaczek i tego, co robią nie znając polskiego

To wygląda w ten sposób, że jeżeli one czegoś nie rozumieją, albo źle przetłumaczą, to my to wszystko same poprawiamy i tłumaczymy. Nad każdym rozdziałem siedzimy po 5-6 godzin, żeby wszystko się zgadzało.
jotel dnia lutego 01 2011 15:20:30
O Paanie ;o no to faktycznie strasznie dużo roboty... ale wartosmiley
Kybrin21 dnia maja 06 2011 16:17:27
Hmmm....Severus, I don't think you REALLY still despise Harry...you wouldn't be thinking about him as much, remembering so vividly and acting so hot and bothered if you did....Poor Sev needs to realize his feelings. This story is great, I love how all the characters stay IN character. This would be very believable as part of the Harry Potter series. smiley
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