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Chapter 9 - "Satisfacion"
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9. Satisfaction

When you take me,
and make me cry
Then I feel you satisfy...*

“Fuck me.”

Harry didn’t know how it happened, but a moment after he said it, he hit the desk with his butt. He staggered, dazed, trying to regain his balance and control over what was happening.

He didn’t know that these two words would deprive him of any further influence on the development of the situation.

He looked up and encountered the gaze of a man engulfed in madness. Although perhaps he wasn’t entirely crazy, rather furious. Snape’s eyes were burning. It wasn’t the flame of desire. Rather, it was hunger and the inevitability of revenge.

Harry shuddered. For a split second he thought that Potions Master was possessed. He let out a cry surprised when Snape came to him and pushed him backwards so hard that Harry struck his back against the top of the desk, on which the tests still lay scattered. However, when strong hands tore his robe and jerked his shirt, Harry stopped thinking about anything.

He gasped suddenly when long, slender fingers spread apart the buttons of his trousers.

“Fuck you?” A hiss reached Harry’s ears, coming out of the man’s lips, which were pressed in a grimace of scorn. Harry shuddered at the sound of that voice. “You don't know what you’re asking for, boy.”

Harry held his breath when the Potions Master’s eyes slid over his bare chest and his warm skin. He felt like he was burning.

He bit his lip as Snape begin to slide his trousers down from his hips, still bombarding him with cutting comments which were searing him and, surprisingly and effectively, fueled the fire burning in him.

“I admit, I’m surprised that you were cheeky enough to provoke me in the classroom. Who would have thought that our little celebrity is capable of such things? Seducing a teacher? In class? What would your fans say, Potter?”

The sarcastic tone of the Potions Master’s voice forced a surge of shame to flood Harry, while in the depths of his consciousness, which weren’t yet completely under the influence of Snape, appeared a spark of resistance.

“I just -- ” Harry wanted to deny, explain, but was interrupted by a sharp, cold voice:


Harry’s trousers landed on the floor. Snape leaned over him so low that Harry could feel his breath on his face. Excitement jerked at his loins as he watched those two black eyes, like endless tunnels, hammering him with a hard look.

“You couldn’t leave your urge behind the classroom door, you had to harass me with these visions, even in here.” There was burning anger in the Potions Master’s eyes, that made Harry unable to catch his breath. “You will pay for this, Potter. When I’m finished with you, you’ll regret that I’m your desire.”

Harry groaned, feeling his self-control exploding into thousands of pieces. His hands arbitrarily grabbed the black robes and drew Snape closer. Harry’s mouth found the Potions Master’s cold lips and ground into them with an all consuming need that he had to satisfy. Now! Right now! When Snape didn’t answer, Harry groaned again, tore his mouth from the other man’s and began to press fast, hungry kisses on his chin, cheeks and all he was able to reach. He was tasting the man, purring with pleasure. Snape’s skin was slightly salty, but every single kiss that he pressed to it put Harry into euphoria.

It lasted only a few seconds. Soon, he felt the tightening of strong hands on his arms that pushed him away brutally, making him hit his head on the desk. For a moment, his head spun, but after a while he saw himself driven into the black eyes that had now narrowed angrily. He bit his lip when Snape pulled away from him, eyeing him with a beading look.

Had he done something wrong? But he couldn’t resist! Snape was so close. He had to kiss him. After all, it was normal that he wanted it. Snape couldn’t be angry at him for that!

Suddenly, he felt cold fingers slipping under the material of his briefs. He quickly looked down. His heart almost jumped out of his chest when he saw Snape remove his underpants with one jerk and Harry saw his flushed, vertically protruding cock.

He gasped sharply and held his breath. He quickly looked at the professor, whose gaze glided slowly over his naked body and stopped on his erect cock. A nasty smile formed on his lips.

Harry felt his face burning with shame. His hands went involuntarily to his naked erection and covered it. Snape’s eyes narrowed angrily and Harry felt a sudden iron grip on his wrists. His hands were brutally separated and pressed to the desk top. He cried out in pain, but Snape didn’t seem to pay the slightest attention.

“Keep your hands off, Potter!” he hissed in his face, then let his wrists go. Harry nodded and wriggled his wrists a little, sure there would be bruises later.

Snape straightened and began to look at him again. His eyes devoured every inch of his body, and Harry couldn’t stop trembling under the the gaze. Black eyes glided over his bare skin, drank in the view and seemed to burn even more ferociously.

Harry bit his lip, his cheeks flushing even more. The Potions Master was the first to see all that he had never showed to anyone. It was a new and unknown feeling, and despite the embarrassment and fear he felt, knowing that Snape was seeing him completely naked, lying on a desk among the tests, only made his excitement grow with every passing moment.

He shuddered, surprised when he felt a cold hand touching his belly. After a while, the other hand touched his hips and the two began to wander over his body, getting familiar with the texture of his skin and every recess. He closed his eyes, yielding to Snape’s touch and trembling when his hands reached the more sensitive areas. Snape’s gaze wandered in the wake of his hands, padding the softness and delicacy of a young man’s skin, who at the moment belonged only to him. Realizing it himself, Harry felt his body react automatically, and his cock twitched slightly, as if begging for the touch. He moaned softly with pleasure, while getting more and more impatient.

Snape hadn’t yet touched him there. Maybe Harry had to ask? Show him what he wanted?

Swallowing discomfort and with his heart beating almost in his throat, he found the wandering hands on his body and gently caught them, guiding them towards his impatiently twitching cock.

But Snape didn’t touch him. Instead, he tore his hands from Harry’s and squeezed the young man’s so tightly, he nearly crushed them. Harry groaned at the stabbing pain.

“What part of “keep your hands off” did you not understand?” growled the man, pinning him with a hard, sharp look. “If I bind you, will you finally stop playing with my patience?”

Harry's imagination moaned and writhed at the idea. His cock twitched spasmodically. He felt as if millions of red-hot sparks were falling on his skin. For a moment, he forgot how to breathe.

He wanted to shout: “Yes, do it!”, but stopped at the last minute. What in the hell had happened to him? Snape was causing him pain. He shouldn’t like it. In any way.

Snape brutally shoved his hands away and put his own on Harry’s hips. Harry’s legs were lifted up and placed on the arms of the black-clad man. Harry opened his eyes and gasped when he saw a small bottle Snape was holding in his hand. His consciousness was suddenly torn from his body and drifted somewhere in the distance, watching it all and unable to believe it.

Snape’s black hair fell on his face when he put the bottle down on the side of the desk and leaned over Harry, lifting his hips at the same time. Piercing eyes, hidden behind a veil of hair, glowed with an excitement and strange satisfaction. Harry’s heart was beating wildly, and the blood in his veins kindled his skin even more effectively than an incandescent poker.

He clenched his fists and closed his eyes, waiting.

He was afraid. He was afraid of what was about to happen. But he would be a fool if he didn’t fear. He was afraid that it would hurt. He still remembered the taste and texture of the turgid, massive cock, which his hands were barely able to cover. And now it would be in him. Whenever he thought about it, he felt dizzy and he wanted to escape. But at the same time he wanted this. He wanted this so much! To feel it in him. Feel Severus Snape in him. Feel his greatest desire in him. Even if that meant only pain…

And then something entered him. But it was something much smaller. He abruptly opened his eyes, and a groan escaped his mouth. But it wasn’t a groan of pain. Rather one of surprise. The man’s finger was slippery and covered with something that warmed Harry’s muscles and made them slowly relax.

“Surprised, Potter?” Snape smiled maliciously, seeing the grimace on Harry’s face. “This liquid will enable you to let me in without any resistance. It would be hard to enter you if you clenched your muscles. And you would clench at the feel of me, I assure you. But now you no longer have andy means to resist me. I will enter you, whether you want it or not.” Snape leaned over Harry, burning eyes meeting the frightened ones of the young man. “And I’ll rip you. Inch by inch.”

Harry moaned, feeling every word uttered in that dark, seductive tone put his erection in a state of trembling ecstasy, as if the words alone could bring him to orgasm.
“You’ll be screaming, Potter. You’ll be screaming in pain, but you will not be able to escape it.” Harry uttered inarticulate sounds, while the first finger was joined by a second, pushing and stretching him, preparing him to accept something much, much bigger. Through his steamed up glasses, Harry saw Snape’s eyes were fixed on him, like orbs of shiny black marble that seemed to invade his mind and nourish the burning desire in him. Long fingers were moving in him, caressing him. Harry was unable to even say a word in protest. Besides, how could he? He had done everything to achieve this. Now there was no turning back. And despite the fact that, with every one of the Potions Master’s words Harry’s eyes showed more and more dread, those words constantly fed the fire in Harry’s loins and mind, making him almost mad with desire for Snape to give him what he’d been wanting all along.

“When I enter you,” continued Snape, “you’ll writhe and groan. And yet you’ll beg me not to stop.”

A strong shudder shook Harry’s body at the promises filtering from the Potions Master’s lips. Harry felt like he was going mad! Snape was torturing him. He harassed him, whispering things to him and watching as a thousand emotions, which were impossible to hide, passed over the young man’s face at once.

Snape’s mouth was twisted in a smile of malicious satisfaction.

Harry turned his head, so that his misty eyes were set on the even rows of desks, where he had been sitting for over five years and never, even in his wildest dreams, imagined that one day he would make love with his teacher in this classroom, on his desk. He imagined the students sitting at their desks, and the scene they would probably witness made his mind seize with the exertion of encompassing that picture. He saw himself, completely naked, lying on the desk with his legs lifted and placed on the black robed arms. He saw a tall, dark figure leaning over him and preparing him with his fingers for what would soon come. Black, burning eyes were fixed on his face. The rough frock coat scratched his skin. The smell of potions hung in the air and parchments dug into his back.

Images swirled before his eyes. The fingers were slipping into him faster and faster. Harry felt now only ardor, spreading in waves through his body. His senses were attacked from all sides and he thought that he should have more to accommodate the range of harrowing experiences of his body.

Suddenly the fingers were removed and Harry froze in anticipation. He felt his heart beating madly, trying to break out of his chest. He had trouble breathing.

He would do any moment! He would do everything he said!

But that second was stretching into eternity and each of them pushed him further and further into the depths of dread.

Do it! I can't stand it anymore! Do it already!

He didn’t dare open his eyes. He wasn’t able to look at Snape. But the man seemed to read his thoughts.

“Look at me, Potter.”

Harry moaned and forced himself to open his eyes with all his willpower.

The moment his misty eyes met the Potions Master’s burning gaze, he felt something huge and hard rushing violently inside him. His eyes rolled into the back of his head when he cried out, focusing only on the feeling of tearing, which surpassed, in that moment, all other feelings.

“Nooo,” he moaned, wishing that Snape would take it out of him. But instead, he felt the Potion Master’s cock going even deeper. Harry grabbed the desk top and clenched his hands so tightly his knuckles went white and he lost feeling in them. The pain was terrible. He clenched all his muscles to push Snape out, but suddenly he realized that he was unable to. His body had opened itself to the other man and was accepting him, despite the pain he felt.

He exhaled and turned his head to the side. He gave up the fight. It was lopsided and cock-eyed from the beginning. Once he surrendered, though, the pain eased a little. Drops of sweat streamed down his body which was stiffened from the exertion. It felt like Snape would never reach the end and would be entering into him forever. But, remembering the size of the Potions Master’s erection, he felt an involuntary shiver of excitement. And now he had it inside him. Whole.

Suddenly Snape froze. Breathing heavily and moaning, Harry decided to finally open his eyes and look at him. The moment he did it, he held his breath.

He saw pleasure and satisfaction on the Potions Master’s face. It was like it had brightened and softened all his features. Snape’s eyes were closed and his lips slightly parted, as if he was absorbing pleasure from every inch of Harry’s body.

Harry suddenly forgot about the pain. He stared at Snape with fascination. As his body accommodated the presence of another inside it, the pain ebbed away, and the pleasure Snape was giving him seemed to slowly emerge.

At one moment Snape opened his eyes and saw that Harry was looking at him. He withdrew slightly and pushed in again. Harry gritted his teeth, but didn’t cry out. He just groaned, feeling the pain return but with much less force. Snape started to slip inside him with slow, long strokes. This method significantly reduced the pain and made Harry’s body open more and more, allowing Snape to reach even deeper. He felt like the hard, hot cock chafed at his entrance and stretched the tight hole. He noticed with surprise that with each thrust the pain slowly faded away, replaced by a pleasant, tingling feeling.

The sensations were intensified by beady black eyes that watched every change on Harry’s face. If he had tried to hide his pleasure or pain, he would have no chance. Those eyes pierced through his outer shell and read everything straight from his heart.

He couldn’t look away. He was mesmerized by the swaying ebony hair, when Snape was leaning over him, thrusting into him. Harry moaned softly, the sensations growing more deep and intense as surges of pleasure washed over his body with each thrust. His thighs trembled with effort when Snape pressing into him and immersed himself fully. He could feel the warmth of Snape’s testicles when they struck his backside and the teasing of the black robes as they brushed against his bare skin.

At one moment, the man’s husky, seductive voice reached his ears:

“Do you like it, Potter?”

Harry groaned in response. He felt Snape pulling out of him almost completely. His eyes gleamed triumphantly. “Let’s see how much you like this.” He smiled darkly and thrust violently.

What happened then made Harry almost faint and his mind fly to the ceiling. The explosion of incredible pleasure flooded his loins when the head of Snape’s cock hit something inside Harry. His body was swept by an overwhelming flood of pleasure, which he had never experienced before. For a split second he thought that his life until now was worth nothing. Nothing could be compared with what he just experienced. As if thousands or millions of feathers teasing his loins at the same time, making his cock twitch spasmodically. He realized that the groans had ceased and he was making a variety of inarticulate sounds, begging for more.

He got more.

Snape pulled out and thrust again. Harry’s eyes glistened with tears.


Another thrust made him cry out a series of curses for which Hermione, as a prefect, would certainly punish him by taking points and reprimand him. But his mind was too preoccupied with feelings to think about this now.

He knew that with just a few more thrusts and he would come. He saw a triumphant smile on the Potions Master’s face when he screamed and cursed, shaken by ever stronger blows of indescribable pleasure.

He lifted a trembling hand to touch the face of the professor leaning over him. He felt the rough skin of his cheek with his fingers. He stroked it, carefully eyeing each wrinkle and trying to remember them best. He saw his black eyebrows, pulled together. The wrinkle between them gave Snape an unpleasant, unsympathetic look, but Harry remembered how his face looked when he felt pleasure. The black eyes, boring into his, seemed to absorb all the light and draw him in their depths.

“You have the most beautiful eyes in the world,” Harry thought, sinking in their darkness. The moment he saw them widen and a smirk appear on the Potions Master’s lips, he realized that he had said it out loud. He felt his face flushing.

However, the strong, deep thrust with which Snape awarded him made him completely stop thinking about anything. Something exploded in him. The explosion was so huge that Harry lifted his hips and back, arching his body in an arc, and the pleasure was so intense that it hurt, pouring into his underbelly, gradually enveloping his whole body. At the same time, he felt a warm stream of cum flowing from his trembling, throbbing cock and flooding his thighs and belly. All the muscles of his body stiffened abruptly, as if hit by a current. His skin was engulfed with a living fire, and a distant part of his consciousness, that was still sober enough to function, was surprised that his body wasn't consumed by the real fire that would turn it to ashes, leaving only the glowing remains.

Only after a moment he realized that he was screaming and his hands were creasing and tearing the tests lying beneath him. His back hit the desk top once again when he fell on it, breathing hard and groaning when the last parts of his body still trembled with a distant echo of his orgasm.

But before he could even draw a breath, he felt Snape’s cock slide out of him and his hands grabbed him by the hips and turned him on his belly, with his face to the desk and his back to Snape.

When he realized that the man was going to enter him from behind, he felt his already reddened face getting even redder. Seeing the tests lying before him, an unimaginable thought struck him suddenly. He was fucking his professor. In the classroom. On his desk, on which the recently corrected tests still lied. He looked down and saw one of them. At the bottom he could see Neville’s signature, but Harry’s eyes were attracted by the Potions Master’s comments, written in red ink:

If you believe that valerian root is one of the ingredients of the Stretching Elixir, you must be as insane as your parents…

But before he could rage at the brutal comment, everything blurred before his eyes as Snape entered him with one quick thrust. He involuntary clenched his fist on the test, crushing it in his hand, and a hoarse scream left his throat.

The next thrust came immediately after the first. Then another and another. Harry clutched the edge of the desk, because the pace of the thrusts was so fast that his hip struck painfully on the edge of it. These weren't those slow, long thrusts that were calculated to make him come. Now Snape was taking Harry firmly, quickly and violently, holding his hips in a strong grip and slipping into him with a speed surpassing all barriers, as if at last he could give vent to his desires which he had tempered till now.

Now Harry couldn’t see him and Snape picked up on it. He was fucking him so hard that the desk cracked under the strength of it. Harry gritted his teeth and groaned the whole time, holding the desk top and trying to endure the increasing pain. Snape now was giving pleasure only to himself.

Harry's skin rubbed against the wood and the sheets of parchment, which were pressed by Snape's weight. Above him he heard a muffled groans and heavy breathing.

He shouted, surprised, when the man withdrew from him almost completely and then suddenly thrust into him up to his testicles and froze. Fingers clenched on his hips dug into his flesh painfully. He knew that there would be bruises. A barely concealed sigh of pleasure reached his ears. He felt something hot spreading inside him.

Catching his breath with difficulty, he turned his head to look at Snape’s face. He wanted to see him during orgasm. But at the same moment, the Potions Master’s hand shot forward, turning his head violently back and pressed it to the desk. Harry groaned when he struck painfully on the hard surface and tried to free himself, but Snape was holding his head in an iron grip.

That’s why he turned me away. He didn’t want me to stare at him… he thought, feeling that through the chills and excitement and pain broke the beam of disappointment.

He felt Snape’s still hot and throbbing cock leave him slowly, the hand pressing his head to the desk withdraw and the crushing weight on his hips disappear.

Harry lied for some time on the desk top, trying to calm his breath and his wildly beating heart. He felt as if his muscles had turned to jelly. He was unable to move. He couldn’t get his sore body to do anything. But he couldn’t stay here forever.

With his whole willpower, he forced himself to stand up and on his feet, but they buckled under him and he had to support himself putting his hands on the desk in order not to fall. His head was spinning so much that for a moment he didn’t know where was up and where down. Searing pain radiated from between his legs. He gritted his teeth and turned towards the Potions Master, who was standing at some distance from him, already fully dressed. A smile of satisfaction was on his lips.

He raised his black eyebrows in a gesture of urging and his eyes went to Harry’s clothes lying on the floor. Harry bent down and began to dress with shaking hands.

The overwhelming silence in the room ruled with its weight.

When Harry tried to fasten his shirt, he realized that, after Snape had torn it, not a single button remained on it.

And how he'd show himself to anyone now?

He saw Snape taking his wand, and with one wave making all the buttons get back to their place. Harry swallowed hard, seeing as the professor removed the silencing and locking spells from the room with the next wave.

So this was the end? And he so wanted to talk to him. Ask him about so many things… Snape couldn’t’ just leave and return without a word of explanation.

Harry buttoned his robe and looked at the man. He opened his mouth, but Snape was faster.

“Well, Potter. If you hurry, you can still go to dinner.”

Harry couldn’t believe his ears. HOW Snape, after what had just happened, could think that Harry simply could now go to dinner? But seeing the ironic smile playing on the man’s lips, he realized that Snape was mocking him.

“Very funny” he muttered, deciding at once that he wouldn’t leave until Snape admitted that he liked it.

Harry didn’t want to spend the next week on pretending, games and provocations.

He wanted to stay here. With him. He wanted… Snape to want it, too.

Taking a few steps towards the professor, he wrapped his arms around his waist, stood on tiptoe and pressed his lips to his, surprising the man by slipping his tongue into his mouth.

But Snape reacted quickly. He tore his head away and grabbed Harry by the shoulders to push him back. Harry, however, pressed even harder, placing kisses on the exposed neck. But before he could stop him, Snape had pushed him away with his outstretched arms.

“Enough of this, Potter!” he hissed through clenched teeth, shooting at him a look of cold, steely anger. “No more of that. Never again. Do you understand or do you want me to spell it for you?”

Harry felt the words unleash a storm of lightning in him.

He let Snape fuck him. He gave him everything, and Snape didn’t want to give him even a single kiss!

“No, I don’t understand,” he growled. The words surprised even him. He saw Snape’s eyes take on a murderous gleam. But Harry had propelled himself and nothing would be able to stop him. “I want you and I want to kiss you! It’s natural after all! Why do you have to be such an asshole that you don’t understand?”

Harry saw death lurking beneath the look Severus gave him. Snape reached out and squeezed his arm painfully.

“You forget to whom you speak, Potter. One more word and you’ll regret it,” he hissed almost inaudibly. “And now, you'll obediently turn away and leave. I’m finished with you today.”

Harry felt the anger like a hot bullet in his stomach.

How dare he?

He knew how much he risked. He knew to whom he spoke. But the feelings of injustice and disappointment which were released with Snape’s words, made him like a blind man who followed the narrow tunnel straight into the inevitable.

He remembered how the man had turned his head, so that Harry couldn’t look at him during orgasm.

He didn’t want to give him even that. The sight of his face without the cold, emotionless mask he wore every day. But he deserved it if nothing less!

“No! I’m not finished yet!” he shouted, breaking away sharply from the restraining hands and looking straight in his black eyes, putting all of his frustration into these words, hissed: “Why are you so afraid of getting close?”

He saw the Potions Master’s lips twist in a grimace of contempt and his eyes narrow dangerously. He knew he had crossed the border.

“I can fuck you, Potter. But do not expect anything more from me,” Snape growled coldly, emphasizing every word. As if he was a venomous snake, whose task was to bite him. Fatally.

Harry grimaced. Those words dug into his heart like sharp daggers. Deeply. He felt unbridled anger flood his mind.

“I won't be just your whore!” he shouted.

He saw Snape’s eyes narrow even more. They became icy cold.

“Then you will be nothing to me.”

Something snapped in Harry. Despite that Snape had said those words very quietly, each created in his heart an echo louder than a thunder strike. He felt as if he was falling into a bottomless, endless abyss, and all around him was only one word.




He saw Snape’s eyes widen and suddenly realized that the pain he felt was visible on his face. He quickly called a mask of insensibility. He heard his own voice as though it was coming from very far away:

“In that case, I will no longer bother you, sir.”

He saw Snape opening his mouth to say something, but Harry no longer cared. He wanted to just get out of there, because he knew that he would fall to the floor any moment.

He turned and walked toward the door. With each step, he felt like a wound gaping in the place of his heart bled more and more, depriving him of power. He felt his legs buckle under him. He staggered and leaned against one of the desks.

He had to endure. It wasn’t far. He had to not fall over. He would not give Snape the satisfaction.

He didn’t know by what miracle he managed to reach the door. He only knew that when he was at it, the wound was so deep that he could barely breathe.

He saw his hand shaking uncontrollably when he turned the doorknob. He stepped in the empty, dark hallway and walked apathetically ahead. But after turning in the first corner, his legs refused to work.

He leaned against the wall, closed his eyes and with a deep sigh he let his legs finally buckling under him. He slowly slumped to the floor over the hard, cold stones.

* "Once in a lifetime" by Sarah Brightman

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fio13 dnia wrzenia 26 2011 20:27:49
ok, I found this story so amazing that I had to continue reading other parts from this point, only I did it in google translator because I don't understand polish. I think that explains my desperation to read more. I simply LOVE your Harry and Snape, and I find them in character most of the time. That's exactly how I imagine Snape would act if he was in that kind of situation with Harry smiley And your smut scenes are simply the best, even when poorly translated in google translator. I hope you keep up the good work!
p.s LOVE your Snarry videos too smiley
matne dnia wrzenia 29 2011 20:45:58
yes I want another chapter, because google translator isn"t so good smiley smiley
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10/02/2024 23:16
Cieszymy się, że podoba Ci się seria. Dzisiaj wrzuciłyśmy kolejną część :-)
09/02/2024 19:51
Właśnie przeczytałam waszą mini serię i o mój Boże ta scena ze sprawdzianem tak bardzo przypominała rozdział z DI, ale zszokowało mnie to że mistrz go wziął w pełnej klasie uczniów to było coś nowego.
01/02/2024 22:31
Mamy nadzieję, że cieszycie się z nowej serii "Mistrz i chłopiec". Musimy przyznać, że niektóre sceny z tej serii mogły wylądować w DI :-)
01/02/2024 22:00
Jeśli chodzi o DI po polsku to chcemy żeby było tylko na naszej stronie. Wszystkie ukradzione wersje udostępnione na Wattpadzie bez naszej wiedzy zostały już usunięte.
01/02/2024 21:54
Wszystko co planowałyśmy udostępnić jest już na Wattpadzie na naszym koncie.
01/02/2024 02:08
Można udostępnić na wattpada?
04/01/2024 15:15
Postanowiłyśmy dokończyć tłumaczenie DI na angielski. I mamy teraz dużą przyjemność z powrotu do świata DI i porównywania go z naszym nowym światem z książki :-)
04/01/2024 15:10
Witamy w Nowym Roku! Ile to już lat minęło? Dzięki, że tu wracacie i dalej obdarzacie miłością DI :-)
23/11/2023 20:58
Przeczytałam znowu. Po takim czasie. Dzięki
18/10/2023 21:35
@Selfish ja tak samo, czas na ponowne przeczytanie tego dziełasmiley
02/08/2023 23:06
Co roku czytam całość od początku... Znowu nadszedł ten czas
31/07/2023 03:55
Any Snarry lovers still here?
Estera Sultan
02/10/2021 18:42
Dziękujemy wam bardzo, z powrotem można wszystko czytać
21/09/2021 15:40
Witamy, mamy świetną wiadomość. Po wielu trudach udało nam się odzyskać hasło i do jutra wszystko będzie z powrotem działało smiley
21/09/2021 15:18
Nie można przeczytać DI, bo strona zmienila hosting i nie skopiowali jej do końca. Możliwe że już w ogóle nie będzie mozna tutaj przeczytać DI ani innych opowiadań.
17/09/2021 15:57
Nie można wejść na DI ani przeczytać. smiley( Proszę zróbcie coś z tym
17/09/2021 15:35
Witam czemu nie można przeczytać już DI?
18/08/2021 10:24
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21/07/2021 20:37
Ale może skrzynka jest zapełniona lub coś podobnego i nie dostałyście emaili.
21/07/2021 20:34
Dobrze, a na jaki email powinno się wysłać wiadomość? Wcześniej ja oraz koleżanka pisałyśmy na ariel_lindt@wp.pl
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