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Chapter 12 - "Detention"
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Translation: Severus_divides_into_H
Betareader: Aislin Avalbane

12. Detention

I won't touch you there
unless you ask me to touch you there ...
boy... *

"I choose you."

The words flowed from his lips as if they wanted to be spoken themselves. Harry looked tensely at the Potions Master's face. He saw a flash of black eyes and the corners of clenched into a narrow line mouth twitching slightly. The man did not look surprised. On the contrary, something like ... confidence and triumph could be seen in his eyes. As if he knew what would happen before it happened. This impression, however, lasted only a split second, so Harry wondered if it was not a delusion.

He lowered his hand slowly, but could not look away. Snape narrowed his eyes, watching him so intently, as if to read his thoughts. But he didn't have to do it - Harry felt that all emotions were clearly visible on his face, and he didn't have the strength to even try to hide them.

The dark, penetrating eyes were fixed on him, hypnotizing him, pulling him into their unfathomable depths. Harry, in spite of himself, felt like he was trembling. When his knee accidentally touched the Potions Master's, dressed in black material, a sudden, painful current ran through his body.

Snape was so close ... At arm's length. But Harry was too afraid to make any movement. Too afraid of rejection.

"Do you want to just stand there, staring at me all night, Potter?" the dark voice broke the silence in the room and made Harry almost jump. But the tone was devoid of malice. He sensed Snape said this only to... hurry him - Harry saw the expression of impatience on his face.

The Gryffindor reacted without thinking.

His legs moved themselves forward, his hands wrapped around the shoulders shrouded in black fabric and a moment later Harry was already on the Potions Master's lap.

His heart was beating like crazy, as if it was frightened by his boldness, too. Now, when he was so close, he could see the flames raging at the ends of the tunnels of man's black eyes. He shivered, thanking the spirits that he was already sitting because, otherwise, his legs would probably have buckled under him.

Suddenly Snape tore his incandescent coal-like eyes away from Harry's face and slowly slipped them down, stopping at his - damn it! - clearly bulging groin. He couldn't keep his cheeks from blushing. The closeness of this man always had the same effect on him - it made him have no control over his body whatsoever.

A smirk appeared on Potions Master's lips. Harry felt dizzy.

Why did this mocking expression on Snape’s face put him in such state?

"I see, Potter, that your problem is now in slightly lower regions ... " Snape said softly, his eyes twinkled with malicious flames. Harry frowned, trying to understand what the professor was meaning. And then he remembered.

Some heart problems, Mr. Potter?

He blushed, but his Gryffindor courage and sharp tongue quickly took up the baton. Harry moved his hips and felt the hardness in the other man's trousers. His eyes flashed triumphantly.

"I think it's not only me who has a problem ... " he said quietly, smiling. He saw the corners of the Potions Master's mouth twitching, and in the dark eyes appeared the glimmers of amusement. There was no usual sneering in them, only something...new. Unknown. Pleasant.


Not thinking about what he's doing, Harry moved closer and snuggled his face into the man's neck, looking for that heat. He felt the body beneath him stiffen, but Snape's hands didn't push him away. He closed his eyes, inhaling the scent of bitter herbs and sweet, spicy aroma of cinnamon. He heard his own heartbeat. The whole world melted away. Only senses remained.

Pressing his face into the cool neck, Harry experienced a marvelous, hitherto unknown feeling that flooded his quivering heart. He let go of the man's arms and embraced his neck, pressing to him even harder, as if wanting, no matter what, to overcome the barriers separating them. All of them, full of hatred, cruel words, angry looks, hurtful gestures. He wanted to crush them in an embrace, clinging to a black-clad body, and never allow them to return.

He heard the Potions Master hold his breath, he felt his heartbeat, his bitter-sweet scent tickle at his nose, and his body slowly cooling down. It was more than just closeness.

The experience was worth any price he had already paid and surely will have to pay in future.

"I want you," Harry whispered into Snape's ear. "I'll do anything you want ... just say the word." A moment later he blushed, stunned by his own boldness. He heard a loud exhaling, but did not receive a response. He looked at the man's face. Snape's gaze was inscrutable, but Harry had the impression that in his eyes he saw something dark... dangerous.

"Are you sure you want to give me such power, Mr. Potter?" the deep voice asked. "Will you really do... anything?"

"Whatever you want," Harry whispered fervently. He saw the expression of reflection on Snape's face, and then there appeared something he has never seen before ... consternation. However, it lasted less than taking a breath.

"I'll remember that, Mr. Potter" the man said quietly in a cool, controlled voice, without a hint of emotion. But Harry felt a crack in the cold tone, as if Snape was trying at all costs to hide something...

But he couldn't think of that any longer because it wasn't the right time and place for such thoughts. He had to act while he had an opportunity. He had to take a risk...

Harry touched gently an exposed neck with his lips. Encouraged by the fact that Snape didn't upbraid him or push from his lap, he clung tighter to the pale skin, making quick, hungry kisses, as if he feared that this moment could be brutally cut off in next few seconds.

Harry pressed even harder to the lean body and groaned. His cock, still hidden within his trousers, rubbed against man's belly. He responded to the touch by hardening even more and catching Snape's earlobe in his teeth. Then, a wave of excitement and confidence spiked and he began to lick the space behind Snape’s ear with his tongue. He noticed with surprise that Snape leaned his head back and a groan escaped his clenched mouth, followed by a long moan of pleasure.

It looked like he has just hit the sensitive point ... Encouraged by this response, Harry caught the earlobe in his mouth again and began to suck and lick it greedily with the warm tongue. The sounds became louder and Snape's body arched involuntarily, as if the pleasure was stronger than the attempts to keep calm. Harry's mind gave a cry of triumph.

He let go of the ear and fixed his lips on man's neck. He began to suck avidly the piece of skin by gently biting it with his teeth. He wanted to leave his mark. Harry Potter's mark on Severus Snape. He started to feel dizzy again but, then, strong hands grabbed his shoulders and pushed him away violently. The Gryffindor couldn't stop a groan of protest from escaping his mouth.

His feverish eyes met the burning gaze of a man and Harry choked up with emotions when he saw the fire raging in it.

"What are you doing, Potter?" Snape snarled with perfect control over his voice. Harry admired his ability of self-control, because he felt like he was about to explode with desire. The man's resistance affected the boy like a red rag to a bull and made the heat in his body rise, pushing him further and further into madness. He wanted to break Snape at all costs. He knew he could do it.

Harry broke away from the hands restraining him and rushed forward, digging his nails into the Potions Master's shoulders, ready to defend himself fiercely if the man would try to push him away once again. Then he started making quick, impatient, hungry kisses on his cold neck, his chin and area around the ear. His tongue was tasting the skin, wanting to put Snape into the same state Harry was himself in.

He felt the man's body trembling beneath him. He heard moans, restrained with difficulty, which were only stirring up the desire storming inside him, but then the strong hands grabbed him in something like iron claws and pushed him away again. Harry managed to see the hectic glow in man's eyes, but it vanished almost immediately.

"Stop teasing me, Potter," Snape threw coldly. He knew perfectly well how to wield his voice. There wasn't even a note of emotion in his tone, as though everything Harry did had no impression on him. And yet his body was telling quite the contrary, and Harry was well aware of it.

Harry closed his eyes for a moment, trying to get rid of the crushing sensation, and steeled all his courage. He breathed deeply, then opened his eyes and whispered in a hoarse voice:

"I want you -- " his voice cracked for a moment, "-- Severus," Harry completed with a low accent, looking deep into the black eyes watching him carefully. He saw Snape frowning: an expression of exasperation ran through his face. He opened his mouth as if to say something but then refrained. He licked his thin lips (this gesture has made Harry shudder) on which appeared a dark, promising smile.

Harry felt a wave of indescribable heat washing him.

"Do you want me, Mr. Potter?" Snape's voice was seductively subdued. "So take what you want ..."

Severus released Harry's arms from his grip and put his hands on both sides of the chair.

The Gryffindor blinked several times, dismayed.

Did Snape just let him do what he wants?

Without thinking long, Harry ran trembling hands down Severus' chest and began to awkwardly unbutton the long black robes. He did not do his best; his hands were trembling so bad, he likely couldn’t even hold a wand. His eyes flashed. The black material uncovered a pale, smooth torso. It made Harry tremble even more, and the blood boiled in his veins. Impatiently, he left the buttons and pulled back slightly, so as to be able to bend forward. He caught the hem of Severus' robes, moving it apart, then parted his lips and put them on the cool skin. He sucked it gently with his tongue, tasting it alternately - it was cold and salty. His hands were shaking as he moved the robe aside even more and saw a red nipple. The blood rushed from his head and Harry stopped thinking completely when he leaned over and clung to it, washing it with warm tongue. A dark growl of pleasure broke through the noise in his ears. The blood boiled in his veins. He took the nipple in his teeth and Snape gave a sharp moan. His body twitched uncontrollably.

Harry smiled to himself. It turned out that always composed Snape sometimes wasn't fully able to control himself. And Harry knew how to destroy that barrier. Ultimately, Snape let him do what he wanted. Harry was still afraid to be rejected in case he went too far, but it was incredibly exciting to go looking for that impassable barrier.

What else could he do?

He hoped that Severus would not endure and finally start touching Harry just as he did in the classroom, but nothing happened. Snape was sitting stiffly, succumbing to unskillful, greedy caresses, but he did not show any willingness to return them.

Harry so wanted to feel the cold fingers on his hot skin. He wanted to be touched by a cold body pressed against his own. But Severus just sat there and apparently had no intention of helping him in anything. As if he wanted to punish Harry in this way. For his absence at his lessons, for avoiding him, for lying, for opposing. For everything.

Harry barely tore his mouth from the red nipple and, with blurry eyes, he looked straight into the dark, shining with malice, sparkling eyes, half-lidded with pleasure. He realized that to get what he wants he had to take it by himself.

In desperation, Harry grabbed his sweater and, in a single, swift motion, pulled it over his head. Then, without even trying to bother with the unbuttoning, tore off his shirt and threw it as far from himself as he could.

As soon as he did that he saw a feverish gleam in the Potions Master's eyes. A gleam that had made him feel dizzy. He wanted to see it again. He wanted Severus to want him as much as the time before. He wanted to break him!

Harry slipped from the man's lap, ignoring his trembling and bending knees, and quickly got rid of the shoes and socks. Then he began to unfasten his belt. Seeing that Snape's eyes are carefully following his every move, he slid his trousers down slowly, revealing, perfectly visible under the thin material of pants, his hard and turgid cock, that looked as if it was longing for Severus and wanted to feel the touch of his hand and tongue as soon as possible.

Harry shuddered at the mere thought of it.

Then he had his hands on his pants to remove them and ... he hesitated for a moment. As if being suddenly hit by a paralyzing wave of shame.

There he was, standing in the Potions Master's chambers and undressing in front of him. Dark, shiny eyes were hungrily sliding down his body which was bathed with the glow of a fire burning in the fireplace. They were intently examining Harry's outline and convexity, every part of the young, slim body. The boy couldn't help blushing.

But one look of the coal-black eyes and eyebrows lifted slightly in a gesture urging him to hurry - and Harry's resistance was crushed. He was re-kindled with the fire of desire which consumed his mind and started pushing his body further and further into the chaos of humiliating willingness.

He removed the last piece of clothing and stood motionless for a moment, enslaved by a hunger which was seen on the man's face. The dark, piercing eyes slowly slipped over his body, enfolding it in all its glory, and then went up again, stopping at Harry's eyes. It was almost like a caress...

The shame had been replaced by enthusiasm and all doubts had vanished like smoke, ordering Harry to approach the wrapped in black figure and sit on his lap again. The material of Snape’s clothes scratched his skin. The boy's pale flesh contrasted strongly with the black robes, and Harry, after having realized that he was sitting on the man's lap, completely naked, started trembling, feeling his heart go into his throat.

He moved closer and moaned when his cock rubbed against the rough material of the man's robes. The black eyes were burning, watching his every move and slipping over his naked body, making his skin warm by the intensity of their gaze. Harry saw a dark smile on the thin lips and shuddered when Severus licked them with the tip of his tongue. For a split second he felt that he would go mad if he didn't taste those lips, but refrained at the last minute. He remembered how it ended the last time. It was a barrier which he had no rights to cross.

Harry so wished Snape would touch him, end the suffering that was burning him.

"To ... touch me," Harry stuttered, blushing and leaning his hot cheek on the man's shoulder.

"Where should I touch you, Mr. Potter?" the dark voice responded right next to his ear. A painful rush ran through Harry's body. Wishing to prevent uncontrollable trembling, he clung tighter to Severus and moaned incoherently:

"There. Touch me ... t-there."

He sensed that a smirk appeared on Potions Master's lips.

"There? There where? You must show me exactly the place, Mr. Potter."

Harry knew that Snape was teasing him, but his burning desire was stronger than any other feeling. Closing his eyes, he took Severus' hand and gently placed it on his pleading for a touch cock.

In that moment, when the cold fingers clenched on his penis, he felt like he was sinking into the warm, overwhelming abyss of pleasure. His body was flooded with an ardent wave, and a prolonged moan escaped his throat, muffled by the black robes in which he was pressing his reddened face. The nostrils drew in the sweet scent of cinnamon and bitter scent of herbs which even more inflamed the excitement sparking through his loins. This smell was always making him dizzy, and now he was so close to it... He could breathe it freely, becoming intoxicated by it.

When the overwhelming wave of excitement subsided slightly, his mind was finally able to analyze the situation, and Harry didn't like what he has discovered. He groaned and shifted his hips impatiently, trying to make Snape finally stop teasing him and begin to move his hand. But nothing happened. The cool hand only tightened on his hot cock which was throbbing and demanding.

Breathing heavily, Harry broke away from Severus and looked at him with misty eyes from behind the steamy glasses.

"Do it ... " he whispered. He felt that every word cost him a lot of effort. One of the Potions Master's eyebrows rose.

"What do you want me to do, Mr. Potter?"

Harry's thoughts were as misty as his vision.

Snape wanted to degrade him, to humiliate him...

But he could not resist it. Not at this time.

"T-touch i-it ... " he almost wept, lowering his eyes and looking at Severus' hand, clenching around his throbbing cock. The long, slender fingers covered it entirely. This view made him shudder. "Please ... " he added, closing his eyes, feeling an unpleasant burning under the lids.

Why was Snape torturing him so much?

"Show me." The man's hot whisper made his face flush. "Show me how to do it."

Harry sensed a gentle urge in Snape's voice. And arousal.

Swallowing the bitterness, he put his own hand around Severus’ and, without opening his eyes, slowly began to move it up and down. The stars flashed before his eyes. Snape's hand was burning him with its coldness, strengthening sensations in Harry's body and putting him in a feverish state of arousal. He felt those incredible eyes, drinking in every explosion of pleasure appearing on his face.

He could not stand it any more. He tore his hand away and caught the black fabric of the Potions Master's robe, wanting to scream and scratch from pleasure, but then the man's hand moving on his cock froze.

With difficulty, he raised his eyes and saw the man's maliciously sparkling gaze which made Harry release a whistle and blink, feeling an overwhelming hunger for the arousing touch which was throwing him into ecstasy.

Driven to extremes, he pushed the slender fingers away, grabbed his throbbing erection in his own hand and began to stroke it quickly, with the desire boiling under his skin. It couldn't be compared to senses awoken by skillful the hands of Severus, but for Harry it was enough to touch his clothes, feeling warm skin and hot, rapid breathing enfolding his face.

Harry leaned his head back and began to masturbate in an increasing pace, groaning huskily and digging his other hands fingers into Snape's shoulder. Suddenly a dark, commanding voice broke through the veil of hot, sticky pleasure:

"Look at me!"

Harry's body worked instinctively, even though his mind was burning with embarrassment. He knew what he was doing, he knew in whose eyes he was doing it, but he couldn't stop. He raised his eyes and choked up with emotion, seeing the full crushing and intense gaze of the dark eyes burning like from a fever, fixed on him. He thought that if he didn't get this man, he would explode with desire.

Harry slipped from Snape's lap and knelt before him, reaching toward his trousers with trembling hands. For almost a minute he had been trying to unfasten the zipper, because his fingers were shaking with impatience, and after that he slipped them into the hole and clenched the hard, pulsating cock.

It was so warm and smooth. Quite different from the rest of the Potions Master's body. Gently, he took it from the trousers, and then all thoughts dissolved into a sea of sparks which exploded before his eyes when he saw man's red, turgid erection.

Harry felt as though he was under the influence of the potion Desideria Intima again. The image in front of his eyes completely blurred and the only one clear thing had become an encouragingly poking red penis, which barely fit within his palm. It was exactly like he remembered it. Only now, holding it in his hand, Harry realized how much he had missed it.

He moved his glaze to look at the Potions Master's face which finally began to betray the symptoms of burning desire, devouring him with an incredible strength. Harry saw that desire. He held it in his hand. Hot and ready to enter him.

He knew what to do. He started looking around the room.

"Is this what you're looking for, Mr. Potter?" Snape's voice engaged his attention in practiced a way. Only Snape could sound sneering and seductive at the same time. The moment Harry looked up he saw that man was holding a small bottle in his hand, and he felt the familiar blush on his cheeks again. But he controlled himself quickly. The desire burning in him was stronger than any other feeling.

Even if Ron and Hermione, led by Dumbledore, suddenly appeared in the room, he would only ask them to close the door quietly and not disturbing him.

Harry sat back on Snape's lap, taking the bottle from his hand. He knew that Severus was not going to help him. Quite the contrary. This nasty bastard enjoyed torturing him with indifference, watching Harry humiliating himself in his eyes.

When he realized it, an inexplicable wave of heat hit his loins with such force that he moaned.

"Could it be just that...?" he could not finish that thought, too scared. Harry pushed it deeply into the farthest corner of his mind and focused on the present time.

With shaking hands, he poured some liquid on his fingers and gently put it on the man's cock. Severus closed his eyes for a moment of pleasure. Then Harry, blushing so much that he reckoned a few more minutes and he would probably be burning with shame, reached back and put a wet finger directly into the recess between his buttocks. The cool burning sensation made him groan again, but he was no longer able to restrain himself. He was falling into the abyss of stifling, humid lust while guiding the throbbing cock in the direction of his entry.

He knew that the pain was awaiting him. But he also knew that it would be nothing in comparison to the pleasure.

He felt the hungry, intense gaze. Severus was watching all his movements with the face of a man who is looking at a very pleasant and interesting spectacle.

Harry, excited by the knowledge that he is being watched, clenched his teeth, set respectively, and pushed himself down.

The explosion of pain and cry that tore from his lips mixed with the Potions Master's deep, full of pleasure groan. Harry saw the red spots before his eyes, but pressed himself further, wanting to take it entirely, wanting to feel it inside himself. He shut his eyes and grabbed Severus' shoulders tightly, as if wanting to break through the material and scratch his skin.

He heard deep, low sounds that the man was making, but he wasn't able to open his eyes. The burning under his eyelids became even more powerful, Harry's thighs were trembling with the effort, but he paid no attention. Slowly, inch by inch, he was skewering himself down onto the hard as iron rod that was thePotions Master's erection. Harry pressed his sweaty forehead to Severus' chest and tried to calm his breathing.

Then he pushed himself down again.

The pain exploded, making Harry yell through gritted teeth. At the same time he felt a touch of magic. He weakly opened his eyes and saw Snape putting down his wand.

He quickly understood the man's actions. Snape had to mute the room.

The Gryffindor felt himself blush again and decided to control himself more.

However, it appeared to be impossible when the hot, throbbing cock slipped into him even deeper, and a much nicer feeling began to disperse through his body, displacing the pain. Fluctuations of tremors were reverberating over all parts of his body, and the heat was burning his skin and insides. Wishing to suppress his cries, Harry had almost bitten his lip to the point of bleeding, but then Severus' deep voice reached his ears:

"Do not stop. I want to hear you moan ..."

These words enshrouded his mind and body in a sea of fire. Harry grabbed the material of the black robes in his teeth and thrust himself for the last time onto Snape's cock and in that moment all his feelings intensified, leaving his senses in the agony of pleasure when the tip of the penis rubbed against his prostate. Harry whimpered, unable to control his voice, unable to control his body which involuntarily jerked up and pushed itself down again, demanding more, more ... Harry groaned into Snape’s shoulder, trying to control the tremors that were shaking his whole body, accumulating in his loins. Another explosion of delight burst with heat, squeezing out tears from his eyes. Biting Snape's robe and digging fingernails into his flesh, Harry allowed the pleasure to raise his buttocks and send them back to the center of delight. With each thrust a painful energy flowed through his body, replacing the physical pain with the pain of pleasure, and surrounding his brain with a hot, steamy fog. He barely heard the man's difficult breathing and groans escaping his lips.

Harry lifted his gaze with difficulty and was immediately pinned by the fire burning in Severus' black eyes, that were following his every move, sliding over his naked, slim body which was moving up and down on his burning erection. There was a sight of greed in the man's eyes, devouring Harry hungrily. And it must have been really exciting, as Harry had realized before a further blow to the prostate deprived him of breath and thinking ability. To the accompaniment of pulsating waves of pleasure, a new scale of stimulating sensations joined.

He began to move even faster, thrusting himself on Snape's cock, deeper and harder. He was groaning and panting against Severus' shoulder. He felt trickles of sweat running down his back and disabling pain in his exhausted thighs, which trembled more and more every time he lifted his arse.

Wailing from the inability to satisfy the burning desire in him, Harry froze, gasping for breath. His heart was beating wildly in his ears, and his eyes were teary. He raised his head and moaned in a hoarse, breaking voice:

"P-please ... Fuck m-me."

Snape’s eyes flashed menacingly. To Harry's surprise, the man raised his elegant hands, took off his glasses, and put them aside. The picture before his eyes became so blurred that he could barely see anything.

And then he understood. Snape did not want Harry to see his face during the orgasm.

He felt strong hands grabbing his arse and a moment later a powerful push deprived him of the ability to think, to see, or to speak. A huge wave of pleasure exploded in his loins, in a split second taking control over his whole body and tossing it up like a rag doll.

Harry was whimpering and moaning when the man was tossing his lean body up with strong, quick thrusts, and then allowing his body to fall directly on a hard, lubricated cock. Every time it hit the prostate Harry shouted in a hoarse voice, as if trying to free himself from the pain of pleasure raging, burning his body from the inside. His mind was engrossed in the depths of passion.

Severus picked him up, holding his hips in an iron grip and thrusted into him with strength and speed which made Harry’s naked body shiver and goosebumps rise all over his skin. His groans were changed into the cries of pain and pleasure.

Snape sheathed himself into Harry up to the testicles. The boy shouted hoarsely when the first waves of the orgasm pierced his trembling body. His head tilted back, and his body stiffened and arched. Another, more powerful wave of pleasure left every part of his body shaken with spasms of the overwhelming pleasure, burning it to ashes and devastating all senses. Hot tears started flowing from Harry's half-closed eyes.

"Oooh, Severus..."

After a while he realized that when he moaned these words, the body beneath him stiffened. Through the fog obscuring his gaze he saw Snape had closed his eyes and opened his mouth in silent screams.

He felt the heat flowing inside him, which only intensified the pleasure of his own orgasm. Overcome with passion, Harry took advantage of Snape’s distraction from being lost in pleasure, and rushed forward and grabbed his face in his hands. Then he pressed his trembling lips to Severus' parted ones, and slipped his tongue into the warm interior. He was greedily exploring the palate with his hot tongue, hurting his lips by the sharp teeth. Severus' lips were sweet and bitter at the same time. Harry laced his fingers into the man's smooth hair while his tongue was trying to get as deep as possible, as if he wanted to taste Severus' soul. All those weeks of suffering, of unsatisfied desires, of pretending, of battles in which he fought with himself and with Snape, it made him put all his passion and desperate desire in that kiss. The desire for intimacy, which in spite of everything they were doing so far, he couldn't get and probably never would ...

Severus stiffened even more, thrusting his fingers into him. After a while the Gryffindor felt Snape's body relaxing, when the pleasure of orgasm ebbed. But Harry, unable to control himself, was still biting the man's lips and groaning in his mouth, feeling viscous liquid draining out from between his abused cleft.

His greed was abruptly stopped. He felt a hand catching his hair, then a strong pull, which violently tore his head away from Severus' face. He moaned in pain.

"I didn't allow you to do such a thing, Potter!" Snape growled, his voice returned its ominous notes. Harry closed his eyes, breathing heavily. Anger which was sensed in the man's voice sobered him, and suddenly the awareness of what he had just did hit him with full force.

He’d crossed the line.

And when Severus slipped out of him, he felt an unbearable smartness in his eyes.

He was afraid. He did not want to open his eyes. At all costs he was trying to control the bad feeling that appeared in his heart. He didn't want it to end like this. But he couldn't stall this moment forever. He took a deep breath and slowly raised his head, looking straight into the black eyes, pinning him with an intense gaze. Without his glasses Harry couldn't read anything in them.

"Dress up!" Snape hissed, letting go of his hair. Desire, lust and ecstasy had disappeared. Only contempt could be felt in Snape's voice. "Your detention has just ended."

An icy shudder shook Harry's body, but it had nothing to do with the desire that had been warming his skin a while ago. He opened his mouth, trying to explain:

"I didn't want... "

"Didn't you hear what I said?" a sharp voice struck him like a whip.

Harry turned his head away and bit his lip, not wanting the man to notice pain in his eyes. Without saying a word, he slipped off Snape's lap and stood with his back to him, trying to keep his balance on the buckling legs. Then, slowly, he began to dress up, trying to fight the burning under his eyelids.

The silence in room was overwhelming.

With trembling hands, Harry buttoned his jeans. He bent down and put on his shirt and sweater, trying not to pay attention to his shaking body. It felt like the room had suddenly become unbearably cold.

Swaying on his feet, he walked towards the door, wanting to just get out of there as soon as possible. The moment he put his hand on the doorknob, he heard the cool, calm voice:

"Didn't you forget something?"

Harry turned around with his head down, so Snape could not see the expression on his face. Something glistened in Potions Master's hand, reflecting the light coming from the fireplace. Harry clenched his fists and forced himself to approach Snape. Maintaining the cold mask on his face cost him so much that he felt he was going to fall over. He reached for his glasses. For a split second his hand touched the man's cold fingers. At the last moment he restrained himself from letting out the trembling moan which wanted to escape his mouth. He closed his eyes, holding his breath and fighting back tears, and then quickly turned away.

Without looking back even once, Harry went to the door, opened it and, trying not to fall over, went through the office. He closed the door in the corridor and at last he could exhale, allowing tears to run down his cheeks.

He did not know how he found the strength and will to take the next step and start the long walk back to the tower.

He felt an emptiness. As if someone had sucked out all his emotions, leaving only a painfully cold, gaping void. Hot tears were leaving wet paths on his cheeks, but Harry did not pay attention.

Just a moment ago the feelings had been burning in him, burning in his heart, his mind and body, but now he felt as if they burned everything inside and did not have anything left.

Through the fog before his eyes he saw his feet making small, faltering steps, but it was as if they didn't belong to him. He still held his glasses in his hand.

Dress up. Your detention has just ended.

These words suppressed any other memories, reducing them to small, pitiful moaning creatures, pushed into the farthest corner of Harry's mind. They left only pain.

He shut his eyes, trying to control the dizziness.

What else could he expect? He should have known that...

The first sudden strike made him fall on the floor. Harry hit his knees painfully on hard stones and tore his elbows while trying to refrain from falling on the face. Before he could realize what was happening, something black covered his head and he couldn't see anything.

The first strike was immediately followed by another one. Straight in the neck.

Harry hit the floor with his head. He hadn’t even had time to scream. Someone's hands grabbed him by the shoulders and dragged him across the floor.

The door slammed.

The next strikes he was unable to count.

You push and pull me,
And I'm about to lose my mind
Is this just a waste of time?
Keep acting like you own me,
I keep running, watch me walking out that door
I hear you behind me

You keep acting like you own me
Like you control me
You stripped me of my honor
And I don't ever think I'm gonna
Break free of these mind games

Give me that strange relationship
Never felt pleasure and pain like this
Something so right, but it feels so terribly wrong**

* "Pictures" by Timo Maas feat. Brian Molko

** "Strange relationship" by Darren Haye

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