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Chapter 21 - "The Birthday"
dungeons and dragons
Translation: Severus_divides_into_H

Beta Reader: PurpleSonata

Thank you girls!

21. The Birthday

Look into my eyes - you will see
What you mean to me
You know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you*

Harry picked up a long, velvet-trimmed black box and opened it. Inside of it there was an elegant, new pen, glistening with silver in the candlelight. The inscription written on it was so tiny that it could be seen only if one knew where to look. Harry took the pen and brought it closer to his eyes to make sure that the word "Harry" was in its place - right at the tip for writing - and it would become completely invisible once the tip was dipped in the inkwell.

Harry smiled to himself - he couldn't wait to see Snape's face when he found how the pen was charmed. He quickly put the gift back in the box and tied it with the silver ribbon. Then he opened his trunk and took a set of clothes out of it. He had bought them yesterday in Hogsmeade, for this occasion specially. All he'd had before was worn out and untidy, and he really wanted to look especially good today, so yesterday he had taken a long walk around the shops, trying to choose something for himself. Harry knew nothing about fashion, and he would have never bought anything nice if it wasn't for a friendly shop assistant who'd chosen this outfit for him. He only added a green tie to it - he knew Snape would like this colour because it belonged to Slytherin. Harry could still remember how he had emerged from the dressing room, the shop girl looked at him, her eyes had widened, and for a moment she was speechless. Harry didn't really understand her reaction, especially when she stated that if he didn't buy it, she would then give it to him for free... He'd blushed when she said that his girlfriend would go crazy with delight thought, and he thanked and took the whole set.

Now everyone was at dinner, so he could easily change. He stood before the mirror and looked at himself and felt a pleasant tingling in his stomach because of the excitement and slight agitation. He looked at the elegant, black trousers which softly outlined his legs and narrow hips - so different from those worn out, old jeans that he had. Instead of sneakers there were shiny black shoes. He looked up and glanced at the black like a raven's wings silk shirt unbuttoned at the neck nonchalantly, the loosely tied tie lying on it, emerald green, just like his eyes shining behind his glasses. His dark hair, despite all attempts to be smoothed out still stuck in disarray, and Harry took it as a very big drawback.

Still, he smiled at his reflection in the mirror and decided that he looked pretty good. And certainly very different than usual, so he hoped that Snape would notice.

He picked up the velvet box with his gift, took the Invisibility Cloak and walked out of the dormitory, still trying to imagine Severus' reaction when he would give the gift to him. Not the one he was now holding in hand, but the second gift, which took him two weeks to gather the courage for, and still he wasn't sure if he could do it. Harry had managed to find out what Snape liked most, and he really wanted to give him something he knew would be appreciated...

Thinking of this, his stomach clenched, and his legs buckled under him. Harry stopped in the middle of the stairs and threw his Cloak on himself. He wasn't sure whether or not he would meet someone in the Common Room, and he didn't want anyone to see him in his new clothes. But before he could do this, Ginny ran out from the corridor leading to the girls' dormitory. She stopped abruptly when she saw Harry.

"What are you doing here?" they asked simultaneously.

"Erm ... " Harry muttered, he blushed and cursed to himself for not wearing the Cloak in his dormitory. Ginny stood and stared at him wide-eyed, as if she saw him for the first time in her life.

"Harry... you look so... so... elegant," palpable delight in her voice made Harry suddenly feel very nice. "You've never been so... “she was silent for a moment, as if looking for an appropriate determination, "...so hot."

Harry opened his eyes in amazement. He didn't expect something like that. Suddenly, he felt incredibly stupid. He blushed and saw Ginny's eyes wander to the package he was holding in his hand, so he quickly hid it.

"I just... I was going to... "

"No excuses," the Gryffindor smiled. "Apparently we both have our little secrets."

"Don't tell anyone about it," Harry blurted out suddenly. He didn't want to explain himself to Ron and Hermione, especially since he had told them that he was spending the evening in the Room of Requirement.

"Don't worry, I won't. But you also don't tell Ron that you saw me here, or he won’t leave me alone. Sometimes he can be so annoying," Ginny sighed. Harry nodded. Actually, only now did he noticed that Ginny was wearing a beautiful dress and had makeup on her face. Apparently, she also decided to sneak out when no one would see. Indeed, they both had their "little" secrets...

"Okay, I'm going first, because I'm already late. Don't you follow me," she shook her finger at him and made a few steps, but then stopped, turned and looked at him again. "Whoever you wear that for... I really envy that person," she winked at him and disappeared from his sight.

Only after a while did Harry get the meaning of these words. He smiled sheepishly, threw the Cloak on himself and slipped out of the Common room.

As he approached the dungeons, he felt his heart beat harder and faster, and his mouth became dry with nervousness. Harry stopped near the door, took a deep breath and entered. Inside the room he took off his Cloak, smoothed his pants, straightened his tie, tried unsuccessfully to sleek his hair and sighed a few times, trying to calm the heart beating wildly.

He knocked.

The second door opened by itself. Harry walked cautiously into the room and saw Snape near the bar, with his back turned on him, pouring himself a glass of amber liquid.

Harry could almost hear the beating of his heart. The door closed behind him, but he could only stand still, as though his feet became rooted to the spot. Seeing the tall, dressed in black rustling robes figure, he suddenly lost all confidence.

"Do you intend to just stand there?" Severus asked, putting the bottle away and picking up his glass while turning to Harry. "Or maybe you will finally sit..." Severus stopped suddenly as if he’d swallowed his tongue. His eyes widened, and in them appeared a spark which lit them, making them shine unnaturally. His mouth remained open, as if he forgot to close it.

The estimating gaze slowly travelled down Harry's body dressed in black, reached his feet, and then moved back towards the top, becoming warmer and warmer and full of intensity and admiration. Snape's eyes flashed with hunger. Uncontrollable, insatiable hunger… If eyes could devour, there would remain absolutely nothing of Harry.

The Gryffindor felt himself become hot. He cleared his throat and muttered:

"Good evening, Severus."

But Snape didn't answer. During the whole time he just stood there and stared, completely speechless.

Harry began to worry. Such behavior wasn't like Snape's.

He walked to the chair to put his Cloak there, feeling the attentive intent black eyes follow him, as if they stuck to him and nothing could make them look away.

He breathed deeply, gathering up courage, he picked up the gift and went to the man who was still standing in the same place. When Snape's eyes fell on the box, they widened even more, and after a moment narrowed, turning even more intense. The Gryffindor stopped just before the Potions Master, offering him the gift and said quietly:

"Happy Birthday, Severus. I hope you'll li..." but he wasn't allowed to finish, because right then several things happened simultaneously. The glass which Severus was holding in his hand fell to the floor and shattered. The parcel held by Harry slipped from his hands, and opened from the contact with ground, and the pen fell out of it and landed at their feet. Then, Harry felt strong hands grabbing him tightly and with a violent jerk pulling him toward Severus. A warm mouth hungrily attacked his bare neck with such force that his legs buckled under him. Red and golden spots danced before his eyes and the man's fingers dug into his arms and buttocks as if he wanted to crush him in the embrace. Snape's mouth sucked his skin and teeth kept digging into it again and again, making him boy feel a pleasant pain. Harry heard the muffled rumblings, but he didn't know whether they belonged to him or to Snape.

Suddenly he felt a tug. His buttocks slapped across the bar, and Severus pressed him to himself with even greater force, as if to devour him, to crush. He behaved like a wild beast, which after a long chase finally got its prey. Harry felt Severus' erection hard as a rock thrusting against his hip. He felt the pain. He felt the need and unbridled lust. He wanted to be taken into possession by the ecstasy that was pressed to him. He wanted to submit to it, to let it deprive him of all senses and take his consciousness away.

No! But he couldn’t! He had another plan, Another gift!

He caught Severus' cool hands, which at some point had slipped under his shirt and started travelling over his body. Barely catching his breath, Harry moaned:

"No, wait!"

But Severus didn't stop. He pushed Harry's hands away and began to unbutton his trousers, without ever ceasing to suck and bite his neck.

Harry groaned, found and used the whole force of his will and gasped:

"Wait... I have... another gift for you, which for sure... you'll like."

Snape's hands stopped. The man tore his face off Harry's neck that was covered with red spots, and looked at him with eyes full of burning living fire.

Harry moaned when he saw that look. He was so hard that he could barely control himself.

"Do not tease me, Potter," Snape's voice was hoarse, foreign.

"I can assure you'll like it. But this... will cost you," he whispered, watching attentively the Potions Master's face which sharpened at these words. "Not much," he added, seeing the crease between the eyebrows. "Only... one kiss." Snape's eyes widened and Harry held his breath. He hadn't actually planned it. The idea suddenly came to him when he realized to what state he was able to bring this man.

It was worth the risk.

"I swear that what I want to give you is worth the price..." he whispered, smiling cheekily. He saw the curiosity on Snape's face. Snape looked as though he was carefully considering this proposal. Harry looked straight into his eyes and saw his own reflection as if in a mirror: crooked glasses, flushed cheeks, hair in complete disarray, parted, wet lips...

He saw how Severus looked at him; saw that hunger, that desire, that fire...

Snape finally bit his lip and nodded.

Harry's heart exploded with joy so great that only with a big effort of will did he manage not to show it.

Now! He must do it quickly, before Severus could change his mind.

He grabbed the black robes and pulled Severus' face towards him. He closed his eyes and kissed the thin lips hungrily, greedily. His heart stopped, breathing ceased, time froze. Warm lips stuck to each other, tasting, submerging in their taste. Although Snape's lips were clenched, Harry had the impression that a whole new door opened for him. And what was behind it... oh, Merlin!

His already hard cock twitched involuntarily.

Harry moaned into Severus' mouth, while continuing to caress and suck it, tenderly but greedily at the same time. He reveled in the unimaginable heat, its smoothness, its tart, but sweet taste. He wanted to reach further into Severus. To burst into his mouth, feel his slippery tongue; interlace it with his own...

Harry licked the tight mouth, pushing on it, wanting to enter, to dig deeper. But then he heard the air being drawn in through the nose, a low murmur of protest, and after a moment he felt fingers thrust into his arms, and the man pushed him fiercely away. Harry whined softly.

"Enough already Potter," Snape's voice was slightly hoarse. It took a moment for Harry to manage to re-focus on the man's face. He saw a slight, barely visible movement there and the fire in eyes began to fade away

Well, he got what he wanted. He had no right to ask for more. At least for now... And it looked like he would have to keep his word. Now it was his turn...

"Come with me," he said quietly, grabbed Snape's slender hand and gently pulled him towards the bedroom. Snape followed him without a word. With each step, Harry's nervousness grew.

Yes, he wanted to give it to Severus... but he had growing doubts that he would be able to do so. He felt shame coming over him like waves at a high tide, more and more, making walking and breathing a problem. Almost instinctively he sensed Severus' gaze when they were going to the bedroom, and Harry needed a moment to catch his breath and to control the trembling.

In the bedroom it was even darker than in the living room. Shadows lurking in the corners made the air seem cooler than it actually was. Harry felt his body cover with goose bumps when he looked at the perfectly smooth, black sheets covering the bed in front of him.
He sighed deeply and turned to face Severus who was standing behind him. He approached the man and, not daring to look up, grabbed Snape's robes and nervously pulled them, then said softly, with a slightly trembling voice:

"I'd like to give you something special, Severus," he raised his head and looked straight into the man's face. Snape was looking at him attentively and with apparent interest. "Something destined just for your eyes."

He saw that one of Snape's eyebrows lifted in a gesture of curiosity. Now, when they again were so close together, Harry felt a sharp smell of arousal. He knew that Snape was hard. And he was too. Merlin, how much easier it would be just to pull Severus closer and let him fuck him. He wanted it so much...

But no! He knew that his gift would be more... intense. He knew that Snape'd like it. Oh yes, he certainly would like it...

He let go of the coarse robe and stepped back.

"Sit down," he said quietly, pointing to the chair standing against the wall, exactly opposite the bed. He saw the sparks in Severus' eyes. He knew that the man was so aroused that he could hardly keep himself from pouncing on him. But he also saw a great curiosity. Snape stepped back and without resistance fell into the chair, looking at Harry with anticipation.

Harry swallowed hard. He felt so stupid that for a few moments it seemed to him that he wouldn't be able to do it. But he wanted to; He so really wanted to give it to Snape...

After a while he raised his hand and touched the shiny buttons of his shirt. He began to unbutton them, slowly, reluctantly, while not looking away from Snape who was staring at him hungrily. The black material began to reveal his light skin, which seemed to reflect the light of burning candles in candlesticks. Harry saw that Severus' eyes narrowed. He saw hunger in them. His stomach clenched sharply, but he didn't stop his movements. He slid the shirt from his shoulders. It gently fell to the floor, and its rustling seemed unnaturally loud in the silence that surrounded them, being interrupted only by their rapid breaths. He raised his hands to remove the tie, but hesitated. Snape liked green... Besides, he preferred to keep at least anything that would make him not feel so... naked. He leaned down to take off shoes and when he threw them aside, their loud clatter roughly tore the silence. Harry quickly got rid of the socks and stood up, glancing again at Severus' face.

He wanted to see his reaction. He wanted to see the hunger in his eyes. Hunger that made Harry even harder, made his body feel pierced by hot chills which were burning everything along the way. When he reached for his belt, black eyes flashed, and the boy's legs buckled under him. With trembling hands he undid the button, then the zipper and carefully pulled his pants down, letting them fall to the ankles. Obsidian eyes shone with even more intense light. Harry hadn't put on his briefs - he didn't need to. He put the trousers aside and straightened. Naked, clear, smooth skin. He knew his cock was fully erect. The embarrassment he felt couldn't blow out this burning desire inside him, and after a while he stopped paying attention to it at all. Especially when he saw the hunger flaring in Severus' eyes spread across his face, turning it into the face of a wild, hungry beast. He saw the man's trembling hands convulsively grab the arms of the chair, an all-devouring fire in his black eyes. The man looked like he was fighting an invisible enemy who was incinerating him with the desire to throw himself at Harry and penetrate into him, punish him for torturing him, for provoking. However, it seemed that curiosity was stronger. Snape didn't move. Only his eyes were greedily slipping along Harry's naked body, almost burning a path on his skin with their intensity.

Harry could hear the beating of his heart. Fear seemed to completely evaporate from him, burned by a fiery gaze of the Potions Master. Everything disappeared, ceased to be relevant. Only Severus remained, devouring him with his eyes, like he was a very tasty meal, and waiting for the dessert which Harry had prepared for him. The whole world disappeared; there was only the two of them, suspended in time, in a remote, secure place, without war, Voldemort or Dumbledore. They were the only ones - them and their desire.

Harry took a step back and sat on the edge of the bed. He gently pulled back and leaned on his hand. The material under it and his buttocks was cool and smooth. Not taking his eyes from the man staring at him, he began very slowly, almost seductively, extending his legs. Then he saw that Severus' eyes widened and understanding dawned on his face. The thin lips parted, releasing something like a gasp, and eyes flared with conflagration so forcible and uncontrollable that it seemed to fill the air with sparks, making all the hair on Harry's body stand up.

Seeing that triggered reaction, he parted his legs as wide as possible and looked Severus in the eye which now blazed even more intensively.

One of his hands moved forward and fingers gently touched his cock. His erection twitched at the touch of the trembling fingers, as if begging for relief. Not taking his eyes from the piercing hot eyes of Snape's ones, Harry wrapped his warm hand around his penis. He could feel the blood pulsing under his fingers, like a life-giving juice flowing in the stems of plants. The skin was smooth and hot. He felt a slight tingling in his stomach, as if it was full of millions of feathers. He suspected that he would face the great difficulty not to come too quickly. Yes, especially when Severus looked at him in such a way that Harry could almost tangibly feel his sparkling look. It was searing. It was so hot that it almost burned wounds on his skin. And now it slipped down his body and stuck down there, as if it wanted to force Harry's hand to finally move.

Harry didn't wait any longer. Slowly, he moved his hand along the pulsating shaft, pulling the foreskin on the reddened head.

Severus drew his eyebrows abruptly, and his fingers dug deeper into the arms of the chair.

Harry moved his hand toward the head again, feeling the pleasant vibrations. Little by little, he increased the speed, trembling with every stroke. He heard quiet groans that started to come out of his mouth, growing louder with the increasing speed of strokes. It was as if Harry's hand was a bow, and every movement he made was like the wonderful melody of delight played on him like on a violin. He tried to look into Severus' eyes, but found it increasingly difficult. The eyelids became heavy and hot, with sparks exploding under them now and then. His hips pushed forward, his spine arched, his hand turned into a hot, tight tunnel which was moving over his quivering erection, making his eyes water. He fought the temptation to close them, and, feeling he was unable to control himself, sped up even more, wanting to end that insane, painful, pushing him at his loins agony of pleasure.

Severus' burning eyes which for the whole time were staring at his crotch now moved to his face.

"Slower," the man's voice was hoarse, muffled. Harry obeyed, though he pulled himself together with great difficulty. The Potions Master's eyes went back down. The tongue moved to the thin lips, moisturizing them. Harry groaned, feeling his cock twitch spasmodically in his hand, the blood in his veins turning into lava when his inflamed imagination created a picture in his mind of a tongue traveling slowly on his strained penis. It was no longer his hand clamping around the painfully throbbing erection. It was a hot, wet tongue of Severus, sliding along the shaft up and down. Up. Down.

Harry's eyes closed against his will. He felt a huge, hot wave rising in his loins. He wanted it to flood him. He wanted to be in its depths. Not to see, not to hear, only to feel. But then a sharp voice pulled him to the surface.

"Look at me, Potter."

Harry immediately opened his eyes, meeting the glowing look that seemed to pierce his skin, hit directly in the hot quivering spot somewhere deep in him, ready to explode. He saw an admiration in Severus' widened eyes. The man looked at him with fascination, as if he had never seen anything so beautiful. As if Harry had turned into some kind of unearthly being, charming in its beauty, seductive and conquering anyone who looked at it.

No one had ever looked at him that way.

He felt his head spinning. Severus' gaze seemed to break all his senses in dust. Only when it wandered back down, could he pull a breath into his painfully burning lungs. His hand was stroking at a constant rhythm.

No, not his hand, the warm Potions Master's tongue. A tongue which was now washing his moist, red head, slowly drawing circles around it, leading him to insanity.

Now only loud, shattered moans were coming from Harry's lips, which he was unable to stop.

"That's it," Snape voiced, seeming even hoarser, as if the fire also burned his throat. "Moan. Moan for me."

With these words Harry couldn't control himself anymore. He felt as if something broke inside him, and a loud, continuous groan started pouring from his mouth - unstoppable, it was helping him to splash the pain of pleasure burning inside. He saw Severus' eyes glitter, and he bit his lip. Harry's hand was already wet from sweat and first drops of sperm. Again, it turned into a warm, narrow tunnel in which he was pushing his erection with increasing speed.

Severus wasn't looking at his crotch. Now, he just watched his reddened face. As if he knew that Harry was close, and at any price he wanted to see how he'd come, to see this incredible explosion of a thousand emotions on his face.

The wave inside Harry began to grow, to boil. He felt the first painful sting of pleasure pierce his abdomen. Just a few more strokes... a few more licks of tongue... a few more breaths... Shimmering, burning black eyes staring into him...

...Harry felt an explosion. So intense, so overwhelming, as if everything was blown to pieces, shattered. The raging element overflowed his loins, ravished them and came gushing from him in hot, white streams that flooded his hand. Harry screamed as the pain and heat became too strong. He wasn't moaning - he was whimpering when all the muscles tensed, like a violin strings on the border of the crack. He sharply arched backwards, and his hand tightened on a vibrating erection, as if to stop it before the explosion. He didn't know when he closed his eyes, but even in the darkness he could see flashes that seemed to resound in his body, making his hips push forward.


Harry didn't know whether it was a groan or a cry. One thing was simply obvious - in wasn't he who had said it. He raised his glowing eyes and saw Severus with his head tilted back, mouth opened, barely able to catch the air.

Echo of an orgasm was still resounding in his wet from sweat, inert body, but seeing the man's reaction, the consciousness returned to him in a single, sharp motion, and he opened his eyes wide, staring in disbelief at Severus coming to his senses from an unexpected orgasm. The man's hands were clenching the arms of the chair where trembling, hips which had been previously raised now fell back. Snape looked up and stared at Harry with eyes glimmering with the remains of conflagration raging just a moment before. He was breathing heavily.

"Damn..." he swore again. His voice was hoarse, in his eyes there was astonishment... and anger.

Harry pulled himself together just in time and closed his mouth which had opened in disbelief. Snape looked as surprised as he did.

The Gryffindor finally found his voice after the first shock, cleared his throat and said, smiling:

"Happy Birthday, Severus."

The man gave him a long, inscrutable look.

Harry felt his thighs tremble, the skin was covered with sweat, his exhausted muscles refused to obey. But he felt as great as never before - even catching the snitch and winning matches wasn't nearly as good. The excitement he felt now pushed all the other memories into the corner. In his head there was only one thought: he led Severus to orgasm without even touching him! This was a real accomplishment!

He saw Snape's eyebrows rise when Harry failed to stop the smile full of satisfaction from appearing on his lips. But he also saw that the dark eyes softened. He watched Snape slowly rise from the chair and walk over to him. He raised his head and looked straight at Severus, seeing the man eye him in a strange way. The tiny, hot spark glowed in his eyes. Harry saw Snape extend a hand in his direction. He felt a gentle touch on his cheek and closed his eyes, yielding to the gentle caress which, despite the cold finger, sent unusual warmth directly to his heart. He didn't even open his eyes as he heard steps move to the bathroom and crack the door.

Harry touched his cheek, still feeling the warm touch of cold fingers. He smiled to himself.

They hadn’t spoken, but Harry knew that in this gesture Severus had expressed more than he could have put into words.

* "Everything I do (I do it for you)" by Bryan Adams
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Any Snarry lovers still here?
Estera Sultan
02/10/2021 18:42
Dziękujemy wam bardzo, z powrotem można wszystko czytać
21/09/2021 15:40
Witamy, mamy świetną wiadomość. Po wielu trudach udało nam się odzyskać hasło i do jutra wszystko będzie z powrotem działało smiley
21/09/2021 15:18
Nie można przeczytać DI, bo strona zmienila hosting i nie skopiowali jej do końca. Możliwe że już w ogóle nie będzie mozna tutaj przeczytać DI ani innych opowiadań.
17/09/2021 15:57
Nie można wejść na DI ani przeczytać. smiley( Proszę zróbcie coś z tym
17/09/2021 15:35
Witam czemu nie można przeczytać już DI?
18/08/2021 10:24
Może trafiły do spamu albo gdzieś indziej i je przeoczyłyśmy? Można pisać na ariel_lindt@wp.pl albo ariellindt@gmail.com
21/07/2021 20:37
Ale może skrzynka jest zapełniona lub coś podobnego i nie dostałyście emaili.
21/07/2021 20:34
Dobrze, a na jaki email powinno się wysłać wiadomość? Wcześniej ja oraz koleżanka pisałyśmy na ariel_lindt@wp.pl
isa, dnd.rpg.info.plwotc, ogl

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