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Chapter 25 Part 2 - "The punishment"
dungeons and dragons
Translation: Severus_divides_into_H
Beta Reader: Leviosahex
Thank you girls!

Part 2

He couldn’t even touch the quill. His mind was following a mysterious path that led to dark places in his soul that wished to be freed. Hmm... Truth be told, he really would have preferred to get any other punishment than just rewriting the same boring sentence. He missed Severus so much, and he'd said that he'd ‘take care of him'... So why hadn’t he done so, why had he just told him to serve his detention? It wasn't right!

Harry's eyes wandered over to the man involuntarily. He was sitting upright in his chair, and even whilst reading a book, he gave the impression that he was someone that could cause a lot of pain without even batting an eye...

The thought made Harry's heart lurch. He swallowed, trying to chase these thoughts away.

No, Severus had given him work to do, and he must do it! He couldn’t provoke him. He had to hold on! He remembered what had happened the last time...

Perfectly. He remembered it all too well.

Harry glanced at the man again. Extremely dangerous ideas were pulsing in his mind, fueled by a memory of lying with his head wedged in an armchair, whilst Snape...

He blinked several times, chasing away the images that would severely... stimulate his tense body.

Damn it!

He glanced again. Severus' legs weren't crossed, they were just slightly apart. Harry's eyes went involuntarily toward the bulge under the black material of his trousers. He licked his lips, feeling a rush of heat.

What if...?

He felt his head spin. The dark part of his soul was screaming, and struggling, trying to free itself to get what it wanted. To get what it had come for. It whispered in his ear:

"Do it!"

He obeyed.

His hands went to his shirt and began unbuttoning it, pushing it aside; slowly revealing his pale chest. With trembling fingers, he loosened his tie and pulled it over his head.

Snape's face was hidden behind his book, but Harry stared at him intently as he quietly undid the buttons of his trousers. He parted his legs and reached into his pants, stifling a groan when his fingers brushed against his rigid erection. He bit his lip, and very gently pulled on his cock and laid it against his belly, letting only the head peep out of the material.

Severus should touch it. It was his cold fingers that should be clenching around it...

Feeling a rush of heat, Harry briefly closed his eyes, then turned his gaze toward the man sitting opposite. He felt as though his eyes were burning. He put his hand on his belly and slowly moved it up his chest, to his neck.

Snape moved. Harry held his breath.

"Potter, would you please stop staring at me and start doing...?" Severus had moved his book to the side and his voice suddenly froze. His eyes widened. Harry felt as though he was nailed to his chair, and even if he wanted to, he wouldn't be able to break free.

"Come on!" the voice in his head whispered.

He licked his lips, narrowed his eyes, and looked straight into a raging fire within the black eyes. Severus was beside him in an instant.

Harry’s breath hitched when he saw the burning look. He leaned his head back, and made himself comfortable. His body was vibrating in anticipation.

"You can't restrain yourself can you, Potter?" Snape whispered, as he leant over and put his hand into Harry's pants. A stinging coldness pierced his body, and he moaned as the cold hand grabbed his cock and squeezed hard. "You always have to be disobedient, don’t you? So now, you are going to be punished in the way you deserve."

He squeezed harder. Harry groaned and jerked his hips. He grabbed the man's robes and pulled him closer, and with trembling fingers, began to unfasten Snape’s buttons.

"Oh, no, Potter. I will not allow this," Severus growled, grabbing Harry's hands and pushing them away. He thrust his knee between the boy's thighs, pressing him to the chair and thrusting at his crotch.

Harry whimpered and hit his head on the back of the chair.

"So you want to play, do you? You want to tease me with your childish games? Not with me, Potter!" the man hissed and pulled his hair.

There was an explosion of pain. But it was wonderful...

Yes, just like that!

Harry reached down and grabbed the rough robes again, and tried to pull the cold body closer.

"You dare to ignore my orders again?" Severus snorted, grabbing his hands and pushing them sideways with force. "I will have to punish you in a way that will break your habit of provoking me, once and for all!"

Another explosion. But this time, no pain.


Harry's body arched. He jerked his head and brought his trembling lips to Snape's ear, and managed to produce two, hoarse words:

"Fuck me... "

He felt Snape's body stiffen, and before he had time to realize what was happening, he was lifted from his chair and thrown onto the table. He heard the sound of things falling to the floor, along with the book that Severus had been reading.

Immediately, the man appeared next to him, and with one push, he knocked him onto his stomach. Harry felt his cheek being pressed into the cold surface of the table, whilst at the same time, his body was being pierced with hot magic. He cried out when something captured his hands and pulled them behind his back, immobilizing them. Something else lifted up his hips, and his knees were fixed in place to the top of the table. He tried to move, but he couldn't. He could only kneel with his buttocks sticking out and his hands tied behind him.

Wait, wasn't he going to...?

With one hand, the man pressed his head against the hard table, and with the other, he pulled off Harry's pants, in one quick move. He felt Severus push from behind.

"What are you do...?" Harry began, barely turning his head to draw a breath.

"I'm fulfilling your request, Potter!" the man hissed, stretching his entrance with his fingers.

Wait, was he going to do this without...?

"Stop it!" Harry shouted. "Let me go! You can't... "

With one sudden movement, Severus was already inside him. Harry's scream pierced the air. He felt as though he had exploded in pain. Without any lube, without any preparation... Snape had pressed into him, and he felt rough robes against his bare buttocks. Harry jerked, but his head was pressed firmly against the table and Snape wouldn’t let him move. Snape stopped as suddenly as he had entered him, as though he was giving Harry time to adjust, to open up for him.

"Stop fighting me," he whispered sternly, withdrawing and re-entering in one rapid thrust. "It will stop hurting then."

Harry's eyes filled with tears. He bit his lip, trying not to scream. Severus stopped again.

It wasn't pleasant at a...

Snape pulled out and thrust in again. A scream escaped his throat.

"Stop it!" the boy whimpered. "It hurts! Severus! It hu...” Suddenly he realized that he was mute. He opened his mouth, but no sound escaped.

His eyes widened in understanding. A silencing spell! Snape had cast a damn silencing spell on him so that...

The man thrust in again, and because he couldn't scream, Harry hit his head against the hard surface of the table. He could feel Snape's hand in his hair and the beads of sweat that ran down his hot skin.

"Stop?" Snape gasped, leaning over him. He pulled Harry's head back and whispered in a low, panting voice; "You wanted it, Potter. You were begging for it. So now you'll get it!" Snape withdrew and re-entered him. Abruptly, sharply. Deeply. If Harry could scream, he would tear his throat apart. Instead, he just shook his head, trying to hold back tears. "Oh, I know it hurts... It must hurt! You wanted to play with me, so I will show you how this game ends!"

He let go of Harry's head, which instantly fell back onto the table.

It was not supposed to be like this... Not this!

The Gryffindor's body jerked with the rhythm imposed by Severus. He was only able to whimper silently when the tip of Snape's cock repeatedly hit his prostate, faster and faster. Thighs, covered in black, struck violently and aggressively against the boy's bare buttocks. Harry felt as though everything, absolutely everything in him, had frozen. He hung over an abyss full of boiling lava whose level rose toward him with every thrust. He could feel his blood pumping through his veins, and his skin begin to melt. The beads of sweat running down his body were like drops of hot oil, scorching and burning marks into his skin.

His cheek was rubbing against the hard surface of the table, and his body was vibrating with effort. However, the pain began to fade, as if it was being washed away by the erupting hot lava. Only a pure, scorching, red-hot iron rod of euphoria was left. Everything seemed to burn, including the muscles in his bound and twisted arms. Snape's cock had pushed its way in and was now penetrating him without any resistance.

Penetrating him easily... everywhere.

It was only an echo of Harry's own thoughts that were reflected in his mind. He could hear Severus’ heavy panting breaths above him, and the table creaking from bearing his weight. The sound of hips hitting hips reminded him of blows from fists wrapped in material. He could even hear his own quick, jerky breathing. The sounds all merged together, forming a spiral, which led towards the finale.

The lava reached his loins and started to gather there, almost scalding him. Severus increased his pace. Harry gritted his teeth. Something was wrong. It was too hot, too... intense. He didn't have time to prepare...

The man behind him froze, and Harry held his breath. Cold fingers dug harder into his hips. Severus slipped out and pushed in again. One more time. And another...

A barely restrained growl of deep satisfaction pierced the air, and the hot jet that filled Harry from the inside, only increased the raging fire in his loins. Severus’ fingers dug so deeply into his body that they would surely leave marks, and the throbbing of the man’s erection almost coincided with the pulsation of Harry's own cock. He was already on the edge, but something was blocking him.

Breathing hard, Severus leaned over him, and Harry trembled violently, when he felt the warm breath hit the bare skin on his back.

"So this is it..." he thought. He felt disappointed when Snape's hot cock slipped out of him, leaving traces of semen and a trail of fire. Well, you can't always have it all... but he was so close...

Suddenly something changed. Harry heard a quiet, discontented murmur above him, and a curse he didn’t understand. His head was spinning too much. From the corner of his eye, he saw the Potions Master's hands slip around him. And suddenly, everything exploded into a thousand sparks as the long fingers pinched his nipples. His body reacted immediately, jerking and falling back. He hit his head on the hard surface of the table and moaned silently. It was like an electric shock. Another pinch, and he realized that if he hadn't been magically tied to the table, he would have certainly fallen to the floor. This time it didn’t feel like electricity though, it felt more like a… whip. Painful. Intense. Stimulating. The lava swelled again, and the door of understanding opened in Harry's mind.

Severus had noticed that he hadn't co...

Suddenly, he felt a finger enter him, and he pressed his forehead to the table. The finger curved gently and hit the correct spot. One more time. And again. And... Harry’s whole body shivered. His skin was burning. Everything was being devoured by fire. He felt Severus leaning down covering his back, and...

... And the world crashed into a thousand pieces as a hot, wet tongue touched his skin and began to glide slowly along his spine. It was as though Snape was creating sparks that were being consumed by his body, and massing in his abdomen, forming something huge... Harry's mouth opened in a soundless scream. Severus' tongue, on his skin. Lower and lower. On his sacrum. On his... Oh Merlin!

A wave came crashing down, engulfing everything in its path, including his consciousness, his senses and his endless silent scream. It flooded muscles that were tensed to their limit, swept through his body, and with white foam, flowed straight out and onto the table.

For this one moment everything was gone, everything melted away, ceased to be relevant. There was only pleasure, so great and so powerful, that it could easily move mountains. Harry had had many orgasms, but none equaled the intensity of this one. He felt that a little more of this and he would pass out, fade away along with it.

Only after some time did he manage to emerge and pull air into his sore lungs. Tight muscles began to melt, and his body started to relax and drift quietly along. Everything floated.

Harry had the vague feeling that Severus had straightened up, because the burden on him had disappeared. He heard a cleaning spell that removed the traces from the table, but - the strangest thing was - not from his buttocks. His breathing was slowly returning to normal. His body ceased to tremble, but when the pleasure drained away and his muscles were relaxed, Harry began to feel a severe pain in his twisted arms, taut thighs, curved spine and grated knees. With relief, he realized he would soon be released from the embarrassing magical bindings, but from the corner of his eye, he saw Snape pick something up of the floor. He turned his head just in time to see the man sit down in his chair, cross his legs casually, and delve into his book.

At first he thought Severus wanted to tease him. After all, he couldn't leave him here in this state. He couldn't. Could he?

For a few moments he looked straight at the man in the hope that this farce was about to end, that Snape would leave his book, smile derisively proclaiming his victory, and free him. However, with every passing second Harry felt his panic increase.

It's impossible! He can’t do this! He can’t leave me like this! What a nasty son of a bitch! Vicious, duplicitous...

He could barely feel his arms. His thighs were trembling with effort.

"Release me!" he screamed silently. He tried to move, but the magical ties were too strong. Nothing could loosen them. Harry began to struggle desperately, hitting his head on top of the table in an attempt to draw man's attention.

It worked. But, without even putting his book aside, Severus just told him in a cold voice:

"It won't get you anywhere, Potter. If you go on struggling, you will just make the situation worse. You cannot free yourself, so I advise you, to calm down, and honorably accept your punishment. You did not allow me to work when I clearly told you to do something else, so I will only release you when I finish what, thanks to you, I was unable to do."

After these words, Snape immersed himself in his reading again.

Harry's eyes opened in shock. Snape was going to keep him this way until he finished... reading? That was sick! He was hurt, every muscle was trembling with exhaustion, his head was spinning from too many emotions, his protruding bare buttocks were stinging painfully, and Severus was going to sit in a chair for Merlin knew how much time and READ A BOOK?! And for what? For some sick principle!?

If Harry wasn't in such extreme despair, he certainly would have laughed. For several minutes, he tried to struggle in the hope that maybe somehow he'd manage to break free, but eventually he gave up, too tired and weak. He pressed his cheek to the cool surface of the table, closed his eyes, clenched his teeth, and tried to withstand the increasing pain. He felt that if it got even a little bit worse his arms would pop out of their sockets, making him unable to do anything with them. A cold rage swirled in his mind, along with an enormous grief; together they formed a sharp icicle that was ready to strike as soon as it had the chance. So, when Severus made a mistake, and released him...

He felt his cheeks burn with an inner fire of anger. He was humiliated to the extreme. And for what? Just because he had desired him! He'd desired that damn fucking bastard who always had to put his foot down! Damn him!

He had no idea how much time passed. He only knew that he was so sore that he wouldn't be able to move, he would only be able to collapse on the floor and wail. But he couldn't even do that, damn it! He tried to think of something to fool his senses. He rubbed his forehead on the table, and tried to restore the circulation to his hands by moving his fingers.

He felt as though it had been over an hour, maybe longer, and with clenched eyes, he was trying to imagine that he was flying on a broom, trying to catch the Snitch... and then he heard a rustle. With difficulty, he returned to reality and opened his eyes. He saw that Severus had put his book aside and was reaching for his wand. His heart pounded. One swipe and the bindings gave way. Harry fell onto the table and heard a groan escape from his own mouth. That meant the man had given him his voice back, but it didn't matter now. He felt like a limp sack of sand. There were hot sparks of fire that burst just under the skin in his thighs, shoulders and spine and caused cramps in all his muscles. He didn’t have the strength to even raise his head - he just lay there with clenched teeth, trying to regain control of his body.

"Get up, Potter!" he heard a cool voice above. "Your punishment is over."

"I can't... " he groaned, breathing with difficulty. He lay motionless a few minutes, trying to control the dizziness and weakness. He was too exhausted to be mad at the man. Oh, the icicle was still inside, but now Harry had no strength to use it and strike Snape. "Why... did you do it?" he asked finally, trying not to sound broken. "You wrote... that you’d take care of me..."

"If you had obeyed me and executed my order, I would have taken care of you, but patience has never been your strong point," Snape interrupted him. "You completely ignored me, so you had to be punished in a way that would break your habit of provoking me once and for all."

"I was just hot," Harry said, clenching his teeth and turning his head so he could look at Snape, who was standing next to him. "It was you who threw yourself at me! I'm just an innocent Gryffindor, you said so yourself. How can you suspect such things of me?"

The man looked at him as though he couldn't believe his insolence. However, with each little bit of sensation that returned to his body, Harry felt his anger increase – an anger that was turning slowly into a wave, similar to the one that had taken him almost to paradise some time ago. Only this time its aim was destruction.

He wouldn't get away with it! Oh no, not this time! How could he treat him like that? It was so vile that it was beyond all boundaries.

With great difficulty, he managed to slip off the table, but his legs buckled under him and he fell to the floor. He tried to rise but failed. He could only rely on his hands and knees: muscles burned with fire. After a while, he heard a low voice above him, slightly tinged with derision:

"Well well, Potter at my feet. I'll have to remember this view."

Harry clenched his teeth, feeling his anger start to take control of him. No, he wouldn't give him the satisfaction! He straightened up and pulled up his pants. With the help of his hands, he stood up and started putting on his trousers. He leaned against the table and looked at Severus with a glare so full of rage and bitterness that it would only take a little more - and everything around them would explode. Anger gave him strength. Severus looked at him without saying a word, his face looked like stone, but an almost imperceptible trembling at the corners of his mouth showed that he was having great fun. And that was the last nail in the coffin.

"I hope you realize that you deserved that punishment, Potter?" he asked, raising one eyebrow slightly. Something in Harry boiled.

"It is printed perfectly in my memory," he growled. "I will certainly not get close to you again!" he spat. His voice broke. It was hoarse with anger. The long, sharp icicle trembled on a string, on the verge of firing. Only Harry's willpower kept him on the spot.

"Oh, certainly," Snape repeated, but his voice was so dripping with derision that it was enough to pull the trigger. Harry couldn't control himself any longer. Everything turned into an icy blade of fury that couldn't be imprisoned any more.

"Right, I deserved that punishment!" he exploded. "I wanted to do what you told me... but at that moment, my desire was stronger! Is that something bad? For you, of course, it is! You and your fucking rules! I have a rule too, you know. My rule is spontaneity! However, I am sure there is no such word in your dictionary! You always have to control everything. But let me tell you something - desire can't be controlled! Maybe you can, but I'm just an ordinary "brat", whose feelings are more important than any rules! How could you punish me for them like that? How could you just leave me? It was ugly, even for you!" he blurted out in one breath. He was so immersed in anger, it was only when he finished that he realized Severus' eyes were full of fire.

The man's hand shot forward and grabbed Harry's shoulder. Long fingers closed on him like a tick. Harry felt a jerk and his face was dangerously close to Severus’. In his dark eyes, a storm was raging. Fire and ice mixed, they swirled, and struggled. Snape looked as though he was fighting with himself, and in his mind there were two conflicting fronts. The arm that gripped Harry's shoulder was trembling.

However, the Gryffindor barely noticed, too blinded by the storm that had taken over his senses. He tore his arm from Snape’s grip, turned abruptly and headed for the door. However, when he pulled the handle, he found that the door was locked. He jerked it a few times in anger before he heard:

"Your detention isn't over yet, Potter," Snape's voice was strangely uneasy.

"Ah, yes," Harry snorted, then turned to the man and headed for his chair.

Good! He'd write those lines, if Snape wanted it so much!

He passed Severus, who stood beside the chair, and picked up the quill, piece of parchment and ink that was lying on the floor. He sat down and hissed in pain. He felt a stabbing pain, as if someone was sticking pins in his butt. He could hardly turn the inkstand, and had to grit his teeth because his arms were in so much pain that he could barely pick up the quill to begin writing:

"I will not..."

His hands were shaking so much that if he didn't know how he wrote. He could barely hold the quill. He felt as though something was trying to rip him to shreds from the inside.

Crack! The quill had broken.

Harry blinked, but it didn’t help much. Everything was blurry, but he managed to see something. A shadow that fallen over him and the parchment lying before him. He felt a movement behind his back. Severus was standing behind him. He leaned over and gently took the quill from Harry’s trembling hand.

"Leave it," he whispered, putting it aside.

A blast of warm air touched Harry's neck. Something jerked in his stomach. Something sharp.

"Get away from me!" he shouted, jerking rapidly and trying to push the man away. "I don't want... " his voice broke. He wouldn't have been able to finish anyway, because Snape had grabbed him by his shoulders, and with a strong jerk had pulled him back. Snape leaned over to his ear, and the warm breath touched the back of the neck. A shiver ran along his spine, and he heard a low, dark voice, in which there was a distant echo of a raging storm:

"Do not provoke me again - ever. Never bring me to this state. Because then I am able to... " he stopped suddenly, like someone who realized that he'd said more than he'd intended. Or, he couldn't put into words what he meant. For a moment his voice had turned to ice... melting ice.

Snape said nothing more. There was silence; a silence in which the only sound Harry could hear was the breathing of the man next to his ear. He closed his eyes. His whole body seemed to vibrate with anger and grief - tearing him apart, but the steady, calm, warm breath that brushed his neck was very soothing. After a moment, Severus straightened up, and the soothing breath disappeared. Anger flared again, and when Harry was ready to open his eyes, he felt the gentle touch of a cool hand on his nape - like a hand of a tamer soothing an enraged animal. Under this touch, his raging emotions began to fade slowly. A deep sigh broke from Harry's chest. Snape's fingers were gently stroking the nape of his neck and it had a calming effect. Very, very slowly the calmness began to fill his heart. The beast withdrew. Not very deep, but enough so he could finally breathe deeply.

Involuntarily, he leaned his head back. The cool hand moved from the nape of his neck to the bare skin beneath it, stroking and caressing. A lingering groan escaped Harry's throat. He felt a heat. He felt... good.

If his eyes hadn’t been closed, he would have seen that a mysterious smile appeared on Severus' face.

Yes, it was a real skill to lead a beast to the verge of fury, and then calm it down with one simple touch.

Only the best could do it, only those who possessed all the secrets of...


* "Evidence" by Marilyn Manson
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Cieszymy się, że podoba Ci się seria. Dzisiaj wrzuciłyśmy kolejną część :-)
09/02/2024 19:51
Właśnie przeczytałam waszą mini serię i o mój Boże ta scena ze sprawdzianem tak bardzo przypominała rozdział z DI, ale zszokowało mnie to że mistrz go wziął w pełnej klasie uczniów to było coś nowego.
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Dziękujemy wam bardzo, z powrotem można wszystko czytać
21/09/2021 15:40
Witamy, mamy świetną wiadomość. Po wielu trudach udało nam się odzyskać hasło i do jutra wszystko będzie z powrotem działało smiley
21/09/2021 15:18
Nie można przeczytać DI, bo strona zmienila hosting i nie skopiowali jej do końca. Możliwe że już w ogóle nie będzie mozna tutaj przeczytać DI ani innych opowiadań.
17/09/2021 15:57
Nie można wejść na DI ani przeczytać. smiley( Proszę zróbcie coś z tym
17/09/2021 15:35
Witam czemu nie można przeczytać już DI?
18/08/2021 10:24
Może trafiły do spamu albo gdzieś indziej i je przeoczyłyśmy? Można pisać na ariel_lindt@wp.pl albo ariellindt@gmail.com
21/07/2021 20:37
Ale może skrzynka jest zapełniona lub coś podobnego i nie dostałyście emaili.
21/07/2021 20:34
Dobrze, a na jaki email powinno się wysłać wiadomość? Wcześniej ja oraz koleżanka pisałyśmy na ariel_lindt@wp.pl
isa, dnd.rpg.info.plwotc, ogl

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