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Chapter 29 Part 2 - "On fire"
dungeons and dragons
Translation: Severus_divides_into_H
Beta Reader: Leviosahex
Thank you girls!

29. On fire (Part 2)

The door hit the frame. Bottles that were standing on the shelves rattled. Snape burst into room with his hair disheveled, his cloak waving behind him, and madness in his eyes.

Severus. He was really here!

Harry would smile if he could.

The man rushed towards him, taking out his wand as he moved, and pointing it at the tentacles wrapped around Harry's hand before shouting in a trembling voice:


Harry heard a smack, as if something had fallen to the floor, but he wasn't able to see or feel it. He could only look at Severus and wonder why his eyes showed so much... fear. And anger.

Oh, yeah... he was dying.

He started to have difficulty thinking, as if his brain was also subject to the paralysis.

Snape fell on his knees next to him and put his fingers on Harry's neck. For a split second, the tension in his face turned to relief, but it was almost immediately replaced by rage:

"You were not to touch anything, you stupid boy! But of course you couldn't resist! You always have to go and break all the rules! Once you get out of this, I advise you to disappear from my sight immediately, because otherwise I will kill you myself!" he almost shouted, pointing his wand at Harry's chest. "Flagranti inflamare!"

Harry began to feel something. Heat. But such it was so vague and distant, as if it was somewhere else, not in his own body which he almost couldn’t feel at all. As if he didn't have one.

Severus jumped up and began to search the shelves, and cursed.

It was the first time Harry had heard Snape using such words. His curses had always been more... sophisticated. He guessed that perhaps the man was looking for an antidote and couldn't find it, but Snape always knew where things were. It was his kingdom, he knew where everything was in here.

Unless... the thing he was looking for wasn't there anymore.

Purple liquid! Fuck!

Harry hoped that the stone was still in his hand. He tried to focus, even though he felt as if his mind was swaying.

On the floor.

Snape stopped searching and reached into his pocket. His eyes widened when he read the message. He looked at the scattered glass on the stone floor, and a loud groan left his mouth.

There was something strange in that groan... even the words "this is the end!" wouldn't have been quite so frightening.

So this is really the end? All was for nothing? Severus couldn't save him?

Of course he couldn't, and all because of Harry's own foolishness!

He wanted to throw up and scream. But he couldn't. He couldn't do anything. Absolutely nothing. And yet... there was something he could do...

Harry focused on the strength that was flowing out of him and sent a message:

Thank you for every moment I have spent with you, Severus. Thank you for... everything. I'm so sleepy...

He heard a rustle. The man knelt before him and stabbed him with a hard look.

"Yet again you are overdramatizing, you idiot!" he growled, but his voice sounded strange. Hoarse. "You will not die, Potter! I will not let you!"

Harry tried to stay on the surface of consciousness, but he felt as if something was pulling him down.

Good night, Severus...

Through the mist covering his eyes he saw the man read the message, frown and reach out to check his pulse. Darkness pressed in on every side, stretched out its tentacles towards him, and clung to his clothes. Everything was spinning, blurring. Harry wasn't sure where he was. He felt like he was walking away, as if all images, and sounds were getting farther and farther away, and he couldn't catch them to keep them with him.

"Flagranti inflamare maxima!"

Flames flashed all around Harry, lighting up the darkness and chasing away its insistent tentacles. Behind him a wall of fire appeared. Harry couldn't go there. He had to turn back, go back. He began to approach the light, and could hear someone screaming – he could hear them clearer, louder and louder as he approached.

Images sharpened, but he couldn't focus on anything because someone was shaking him.

"...you hear me! Give me a sign that you can hear me, Potter! Damn it! If you don't give me a sign, I will not vouch for what I might do!"

With the next powerful jerk, Harry's head fell down for a moment, and he saw that Severus had tightened his fingers around his hand which was holding the stone.

I can hear you.

The man released him and looked at his own stone. He bent his head down and sat motionless for a while. Harry couldn't see his eyes, he could only stare at the black hair falling over Severus' face and wonder what had happened. He had the vague impression that he'd seen a fire somewhere, but he couldn't remember anything more than that.

Fire. He felt it inside himself. He could feel it heat up his body, burn in his veins, and smolder in the heart - stimulating it to beat faster.

After a few moments Severus looked at him, and Harry saw a shadow vanish from his eyes, but his face remained unmoving.

"Don't you dare drift away again, Potter! You have to be conscious, until..." he stopped suddenly, and his eyes widened for a split second. He looked around the floor, which was covered with pieces of broken glass, and frowned. He moved away from Harry, bent over and, with the utmost caution, lifted a piece of glass from the floor, where in its curve some purple liquid glittered. Snape brought it to his own lips and poured it into his mouth. Harry could see his own reflection in the piece of glass - bluish, trembling lips, sunken eyes, and skin so pale that it looked almost ghostly. Was that really him?

Snape put the piece of glass down and leaned over Harry, and he noticed that Snape must have cut his lip with the sharp edge of the glass, because it was bleeding. He raised Harry's head, pressed his lips to his mouth tightly, broke through his clenched teeth with his tongue and poured the liquid inside.

Despite the fear, helplessness and fog surrounding everything, Harry, in that moment could only think of the fact that Severus was... kissing him! Sort of. And he couldn't even feel it!


Snape broke away from his lips and looked expectantly at his face. In his eyes there was an enormous tension. His mouth was tight and so red, as if something had burnt it.

Harry began to feel something. Heat. No... a real fever. It was burning his lips, his tongue and his throat. And with the heat, came... feeling. He was now able to swallow, and he felt as though liquid fire was flowing down his throat, and slowly taking over his whole body. It was burning, melting the ice and warming everything it encountered along the way. As his lungs began to work, Harry tried to take a deep breath and he began to choke. All sensation was slowly beginning to return to his hands. He tried to move them and felt the stone. The stone which... had saved his life. If he hadn't had it... his heart leaped... he would have never seen Severus again. Never.

Coughing and choking, he leaned forward. His whole body began to itch when the blood started to circulate in his veins. He felt like he was going to go crazy - as if everything inside him was itchy, as if a herd of ants was running all over him inside, and he couldn't scratch it. He gritted his teeth, and moaning he rubbed at his abdomen, arms and thighs trying to massage and stimulate them to accelerate the circulation of his blood. He wanted to lie on the floor trashing and kicking, but he just shut his eyes, curled up, and begged for the itching to stop. After several minutes of torture, the symptoms finally began to fade. Harry opened his eyes and took several deep breaths. He was trembling all over, but he managed to lift his head and finally look at Severus, but the man stood at a distance with his back turned to him. His fists were clenched almost to whiteness, and for Harry, it meant nothing good.

Harry bit his lip. He knew he had screwed up... And Snape looked really angry. Maybe he didn't want to talk to him? Maybe he had turned away to give him a chance to escape?

Harry looked at the door. No, he couldn't go... It was his fault. He had to...

With difficulty he rose to his feet. For a moment he stood without a word, trying to figure out what he could say, but nothing came to mind. There was a dead silence in the office – it hung over their heads, heralding the coming storm. Harry swallowed and opened his mouth:


That one word turned out to be like a small stone that falls on top of a mountain and causes a huge, unstoppable avalanche.

Snape turned to him quickly, almost slapping him with a murderous, burning look, and roared so loudly that Harry stepped back and hit the shelves:

"You're a thoughtless, irresponsible, crazy, insolent, reckless fool! You could have DIED! You can't spend even five minutes without getting into trouble! You don't care about the consequences of your behavior! You don't think that by endangering yourself, you are putting others in danger too! But why should you care? You're the Chosen One, and you can do whatever you please, regardless of whether someone else will suffer as a consequence! You mindlessly get into trouble, and then others have to save your pathetic skin! And then you blame everyone but yourself!"

"Don't yell at me," Harry said quietly, staring at the floor and biting his lip. He knew he was wrong, he knew he'd nearly killed himself... and he knew that Snape was right. But he had to have his say, too. "I didn't want... I'm so..."

"I have nothing more to say to you, Potter!" Snape interrupted him with a voice as sharp as a scalpel. "Get out! I never wasn’t to set eyes on you again! " And with these words, the man grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to the door. Harry didn't resist. He wouldn't have a chance anyway. Snape was in such a state that any attempt at resistance would end very badly for him. "Set up with someone else, not me!" he hissed through his teeth and threw him into the corridor. Before Harry had time to catch his balance, the door slammed shutbehind him. The man's last words made him finally realize something important... Had he died at Snape's detention, he could have subjected him to some really serious consequences, not only from Dumbledore, but the entire Wizarding World...

Harry walked back to the door and knocked. Silence was the only answer.

"I'm sorry," he said to the wooden door. He hoped Severus could hear him. "I'm sorry," he repeated, a little louder this time.

Harry didn't move for a few minutes. And then, sighing heavily, he dragged himself to his dormitory.

He must find some way to fix this, he would do... Absolutely anything!


Lying in bed, haunted by darkness and the rain hitting the window, Harry once again tried to block the encroaching memories of fear, helplessness, and... relief. He survived only because of the stone and Severus.

He looked into the swirling green and saw the picture of burning with wrath black eyes. Harry sighed and shook his head, trying to get rid of the image, but it kept coming back to him.

It was not about the fact that he had narrowly escaped death - no, that didn't torment him that much. But knowing that his behavior could have destroyed everything he'd worked so hard for, could have ruined what was supposed to be so beautiful... And now Severus... refused to see him and it was the most painful thing to Harry. And it was all his fault!

He clenched the stone in his hand and sent:

I know you are angry with me and I'm really sorry.. I didn't want to expose you to any trouble. I am afraid... that I’ll never see you again. I'm sorry, Severus. Please don't be angry with me for too long, because I can't take it.

He waited for a response until at last, tired from his experience, he fell asleep.


When Harry came down to breakfast on Tuesday, he only thought about whether or not he'd see Severus.

He did.

But the man, through the entire meal, didn't even honor him with a glance. Harry tried to send a message to him under the table, but Snape never reached into his pocket, as if... he didn't have the stone. Had he kept it in his pocket, the gem would have begun to burn him after some time, so it seemed that Severus had left it in his chambers. He really didn't want to have anything to do with Harry.

When the boy realized this, he immediately lost his appetite and fell into an even deeper depression. Ron and Hermione were looking at him with concern, so he tried to pretend that everything was okay, and gave them a forced smile. Inside, however, he felt as if his heart was breaking apart into pieces.

Throughout that day, Severus pointedly ignored him at every meal, and Harry fell into a growing apathy. He hadn’t stop sending messages, but he never received a response.

I know it's all my fault. I know that sometimes I can't help but... take risks. But it’s not true - what you said about me. I'm not thoughtless and irresponsible. I just wanted to... do something to kill time, to learn a little and...

He paused. No, that sounded stupid...

I didn't want what happened. If I could turn back time...

But he couldn't, so why write about it?

I just... it was an accident. I regret it. I wanted to... I waited... and...


I'm sorry. What do I have to do?

He waited for a long, long time.

Talk to me! I can't take it anymore!

It's useless. There wasn't a single answer. Severus probably... got rid of the stone. He had thrown it away, because he didn't want Harry bothering him.

It... hurt.

He rolled onto his side and his hand clenched on the smooth, green jewel. It was all he had. The only part of Severus left to him,but as long as he had it, he also had hope.

I don't know why I'm sending you all this. I suspect that you got rid of the stone... and me. It's such a strange feeling to know that you won't be able to read my messages...

He blinked, feeling his eyes begin to prickle.

No, he had to fight! He couldn't give up yet...

Harry's heart almost jumped out of his chest when he felt a heat in his hand. He looked at the jewel with misty eyes, squeezing it so hard that he almost felt cramps.

I said that I have nothing to say to you, Potter.

This message was dry and nasty, but... it was there! Harry couldn't help smiling in relief. It took just one sentence for the whole world to regain it colour. He fell on his pillow, and gazing at the ceiling, smiled to himself,feeling that once again the future belonged to him. He again turned onto his side, curled up, and pressed his cheek to the stone.

Good night, Severus. And... Thank you.


Harry knew that today was Wednesday. And that meant detention with Snape. But after what had happened, could he just go to him? As if nothing had happened? Severus had continued to ignore him, but he also didn't send a message to him telling his that he couldn't come. If he didn't want to see him, he would inform him of it. Well, he had screamed it in his face, so loudly that Harry had almost gone deaf, but... he was very nervous then, and probably he didn't mean it and... Damn!

Harry jumped out of bed and began to pace the dormitory. Neville and Ron were studying with Hermione downstairs.

He would go! The worse thing that could happen was that Snape would throw him out.

He headed toward the exit, but stopped suddenly.

Maybe it would be better if he stayed here? Maybe Snape really didn't want to see him?

Harry turned back and sat on his bed.

But if Snape did expect him, would he get angry if Harry hadn’t gone? It was a detention after all. He may simply tell him to clean cauldrons or something.

But he didn't want to clean cauldrons! He wanted everything to be just like they had been before. He must try to fix this!

Harry jumped of the bed. He would go and stay there, even if Snape tried to throw him out. And then... then …he'd think of something later.

Before Harry arrived in the dungeons, he had changed his mind several times and had got so agitated that his heart wanted to break freefrom his chest. In the end, his Gryffindor determination and self-confidence won, and now he was standing in front of the door leading to the Potions Master's office. He raised his hand, but hesitated. Several times he opened and clenched his fist, before he decided to finally touch the wooden door, which immediately opened. He walked into Snape’s office feeling like the heart was in his throat. He crossed the room, trying not to even look at the jars and bottles filling the shelves, closed his eyes and knocked.

The door opened. Harry crossed the threshold and experienced a strange feeling, as was as though he was walking into a rushing river, and his legs suddenly buckled beneath him. He managed to keep upright, but had to swallow hard - his throat had suddenly dried up completely. Severus was sitting in his green chair, motionless, staring into the fire. He didn't look at him, didn't turn, didn't make any gesture that would indicate that he had noticed his arrival. This clearly meant the man was still angry at him. Very angry.

"Go-good evening, S-Severus..." Harry said uncertainly, wondering what to do. Approach him, sit down? But before he made any movement, he heard cold, unpleasant words:

"Your detention won't take place today, Potter. You may leave. Just try not to kill yourself along the way."

Harry winced. It was nasty...

For a few moments he just stood there, undecided. He felt that whatever he tried to do, it was going to be impossible. Maybe he really should leave...

He walked to the door and opened it, but hesitated.

No, he was not just going to leave! He wouldn't let Snape discard him like this! Not after he'd finally decided to actually come here - he couldn’t just immediately give up and run away like a coward. Anyway... he frowned... Severus had let him in. That surely meant he must have wanted Harry to come... And if he wanted that, then...

Harry looked back at the man and pushed the door closed. When it slammed shut, Snape turned his head quickly, his eyes widening for a second when he realised Harry hadn't left, before immediately looking back at the fire.

But Harry had seen the look, and now knew what he could do to fix everything.

His eyes flashed, and he took a few breathes to give himself some courage before going over to the man and standing before him, blocking the fireplace from his view. Severus' eyes narrowed in annoyance, and his face took a fierce expression that said to Harry: "Don't waste your strength. You better leave, because I do not want to look at you, and nothing you can do will change my mind."

Or at least something like that.

But Harry had no intentions of leaving, because he knew that there was something that could change this man’s mind...

He took a step closer, fell to his knees right before Severus, and rested his elbows on the black clad thighs. He brushed aside the folds of the man’s robes, and quickly grabbed hold of the fly of his trousers. Harry could feel Severus' fiery look, and his heart, which until now had been beating very fast, began to gallop, but he fully unzipped the fly, put a slightly trembling hand in Severus' pants, and started touching his warm cock.

Harry was amazed that his touch instantly stimulated the flaccid penis, which immediately began to grow and harden in his hand. He pulled it out and his eyes widened with delight. As was always the case when he looked at Severus. Snape's cock was long, thick and impressive, and Harry knew how much pleasure it could bring, but he also knew it could cause pain. Every time he saw it, he wondered how it could fit in him. Wrapping both hands around the shaft, he licked his lips, and glanced up at Snape. The man was was watching him closely, and Harry saw him squint his eyes in impatient anticipation. He held in his hand the proof of Severus’ arousal, and the boy looked into black hungry as he slowly slid Snape’s erection in his warm mouth.

The man's reaction was immediate – he violently squeezed his eyes shut and drew in air with a whistle. Harry closed his eyes too, savoring the taste of Severus which he had so longed for. Salty and bitter, but with a touch of tart sweetness hidden somewhere deep... just like the man himself. Harry squeezed the shaft, while putting the wet, red head deeply into his mouth, and played with it with his tongue. He didn't have to wait long for a response, he opened his eyes to see Severus with his head back, gasping, and muffled moans of pleasure start to escape his mouth. It was music to Harry's ears. He was getting more and more excited. The pleasure he was giving Snape seemed to flow through his erection straight into Harry's mouth, down his esophagus and into his stomach. Harry felt his own penis press against his pants, begging to be touched. He stirred and moaned as his erection brushed against the rough material of his jeans. Then Severus' slightly hoarse voice above him said:

"Touch yourself."

He didn't need him to repeat it a second time. Harry pushed aside his fly and carefully took out his stiff cock. He clenched his sweaty fingers around it and began to rub, slowly at first, so he didn’t come too quickly, however, the warm cock that was sliding between his lips gave his body too much pleasure, and Harry couldn't stop from either moving his hand faster and stronger, or losing control. He pushed Snape's erection out of his mouth and for a few moments was immersed in his own pleasure. With hazy vision, Harry saw that the Potions Master was drinking in the view, and his flushed cock seemed to agree with him. Soon Harry was able to gain enough control to tightly wrap his fingers around the hot penis in front of him again, and start to lick the entire length along its shaft. His tongue moved in circles, and he teased the sensitive head with his teeth. He then sucked it in, which resulted in the man moaning louder and giving him sounds of approval. Harry grew only more insatiable, though. His tongue slid down the swollen, throbbing penis, and his other hand started to play with the hot, soft testicles beneath.

Harry felt as though he was tasting the best lollipop of his entire life. His head was spinning, and his skin was so hot, it was burning. Harry heard Severus' breathing become heavier when he started to suck and lick his testicles, his tongue reaching every recess.

Suddenly Snape's hand clamped on his head, and his long fingers plaited into his hair, pushing his face forward, as if Severus wanted even stronger sensations, so Harry wasn't gentle at all. He took the testicles in his mouth and began to suck and bite them. The effect was immediate - a loud, long moan of unrestrained pleasure, which, vibrated through Harry's body. It penetrated his skin and hit straight into the burning, white-hot core of pleasure inside him. A stifled groan escaped his mouth, and his pulsating cock shot up a stream of sticky cum, which settled partly on the floor, and on man's pants. His hand tightened convulsively around Severus' erection, and before his eyes colorful spots appeared. For a moment he felt as if he might die from pleasure, that he would melt from the heat which was encompassing his whole body, that his muscles would dissolve, and stick to the floor, and nothing would be able to tear him away from it. He was completely lost in his pleasure and needed a few seconds to recover. He didn't even notice when Severus let go of his head. He opened his teary eyes and looked at the man who was staring at him with delight. For a split second he had the impression that there was nothing beyond this moment, that nothing, absolutely nothing was more important.

He wanted to hear it again! That wonderful, deep groan. Now he had both hands free, so he wrapped them around Severus’ hard as steel cock, and with insatiable greed, began to caress it with his tongue. He slid it deep into his mouth, and teased it with has teeth. This resulted in Severus, as if from a sudden shock, stiffening, and his grunts and groans merged into a single, intense sound of satisfaction. He felt the man grab his hair again and push firmly on his head, as if he was losing more and more control over himself – as if he wanted even stronger, more intense sensations. Harry could feel it.

So he gave them to him.

He took deep breath and tried to relax, then slid the throbbing cock deep into his throat, slowly immersing it in his mouth. At that moment he felt Snape's hand convulsively clenching in his hair and pressed his face into his groin with a violent, uncontrollable force. The man's cock delved into his throat to the very testicles, and a long, hoarse moan of wild, unimaginable bliss left Snape's lips. He pressed on his head even harder and Harry lost the ability to breathe and his eyes welled up with tears. He pulled back, trying to catch some air, and when he succeeded he felt that his lips were wet from hot sperm with its tart, salty flavor. Snape pulled him forward again violently by the hair and came in his mouth, moaning hoarsely and puffing heavily. The delight that swept around him strained his muscles like ropes, which then exploded. The echo of that explosion left his body through his mouth that was open in a silent scream.

Harry barely managed to draw breath before the warm semen began to flow down his throat. Only after he had swallowed everything, and Severus' flushed, moist cock slipped out of his mouth, could breathe deeply. He was breathing as hard as Severus. His throat was burning, like his skin and face, and his heart had long since jumped out of his chest. Through tearful eyes and fogged glasses he saw Snape quickly zip his fly. He looked at the man's face and saw that his eyes were still closed and his mouth open. He was still panting as if he couldn't recover. The ever-delicate pale cheeks were now flushed - the only evidence of the storm that had swept through his body and mind, bringing him almost to delirium.

Harry smiled to himself.

"That is because of me," he thought with satisfaction. "It's me who brought him to such a state."

Although he had such a sore throat that it seemed to him that he had lost his voice, and even though he could barely breathe, he felt incredibly happy.

He cleaned up, then rested his hands on Snape's lap and pulled up. When he did, his legs buckled under him. Using the Potions Masters temporary intoxication, he did not hesitate for a moment before he climbed onto Severus lap, sat astride him, put his arms around his neck, his head on his shoulder, and pressed his face into the man's collarbone. He could hear Severus' heavy breathing in his ear - the man was still only regaining control over himself, and he could feel the heat radiating from the fireplace on his back. The sound of the crackling fire calmed him.

Neither of them said anything. There was no need. There was nothing to add.

Severus's chest started to rise and fall more slowly, swaying gently. Harry closed his eyes and clung to him even harder, wanting to be in that position forever. So close, so warm...

Everything started to melt slowly, covering him with darkness, as if someone had spread over the world a soft, cozy blanket of silence. Harry let it consume him and plunged into a pleasant, sweet dream.


Harry turned quickly, avoiding a collision with a Bludger that was coming his way. Everyone in the stands were waving at him, and he could hear the screams of his teammates, but the wind whistling in his ears effectively muffled the sounds that came to him. He tried to spot the golden Snitch which flashed a few times somewhere on the edge of the pitch, but every time, it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. The whole time Cho was sitting on his tail. Harry cast a glance at the colorful stands, the pitch and the hoops, where there was a fierce battle taking place.

There it was! He saw a flash! In the middle of the pitch, several meters above the ground. Harry turned his broom in that direction, praying that Cho wouldn't notice his spurt of speed. He bent low over the handle of his broom, and then felt a strange pressure in the vicinity of his ass. Something began to rub against it before smoothly pushing inside. Harry groaned, feeling the incredible pleasure that came from this wonderful feeling of being entered. He looked down and saw that his broom had turned into... Severus. Harry was sitting on him and he allowed Snape's cock to enter him deeply. Each movement caused an explosion of pleasure, and Harry completely forgot about the match, the Snitch... in fact everything else ceased to matter. For him, there was only Severus' erection, which was hammering into him with increasing speed. And then he heard a scream above him. Probably Angelina's.

"Harry! Stop mucking about around and go catch the Snitch! Cho has almost caught it!"

Harry tried to return to reality and concentrate on his task.

The snitch! He must catch it! He couldn't fail!

He bent low over Severus and, dodging Cho, flew toward the gleaming, golden ball.

The snitch was so close. He almost had it! He stretched out his hand... and just as his fingers tightened on it he felt the man's cock hit his prostate. He screamed and nearly dropped the little ball in his hand. He shut his eyes and heard the stands begin to go crazy with joy. Whistles, shouts and chants mingled with groans. And then the snitch, which he was clutching in his hand, began to change shape. He dropped it and saw it take on a blood-red color, and on the surface there appeared a mouth. It had changed into a Howler which began yelling with McGonagall's voice:

"Harry James Potter! Having sex during a Quidditch match is not allowed! Please get off Professor Snape immediately! You have broken at least fifteen school rules! You have disgraced Gryffindor house! I punish you by giving you detentions for the rest of your life! Every evening you have to come to my office!"

What? For the rest of his life? Did that mean when he finished Hogwarts, he still would have to go to detentions with McGonagall? Why? He hadn't done anyhing wrong! He was just having sex with Snape. Was there something wrong with that? He'd caught Snitch, they had won! Did that mean nothing? Why did they only care that Snape was screwing him?

"Oooh... Severus..." he moaned, feeling the man accelerate. The howler suddenly ceased to be important. It was still yelling something, but Harry wasn't listening.

"I am the Chosen One," he half-shouted, half-moaned. "I can fuck who I want, when I want! Even during a damn match! I have caught the snitch, and now... I just want to... oooh... Severus..."

The explosion was near... so close... He felt the growing tension. McGonagall's last words were drowned out by Harry's long, hoarse moan when Snape's penis hit his prostate, and a huge explosion swept away everything from the earth. Everything disappeared - the Howler, the playing field, the stands. Only Severus remained. They were hovering in a dark, boundless void. Alone. Immersed in the absolute, painful pleasure of orgasm.

Then the emptiness was torn by the echo of the voice. Initially blurred.


Someone was calling him.


"Go away, Ron," Harry groaned. "I don't want to get up yet. Go to breakfast without me."

He was a little surprised that Ron had called him by his last name, but he really wanted to go back to his wonderful dream, so he quickly forgot about it. He fought with all his strength to keep the dream from fading.

"Potter!" the voice was sharper and clearer.

Harry suddenly opened his eyes. He was pressed against something dark, and a familiar smell was all around him...


Harry jerked his head up and looked at the black eyes that were intently staring at him. His arms were still wrapped around the man's neck.

Oh shit! He'd fallen asleep on his lap!

"It's almost ten, Potter. If, within fifteen minutes, you are not in your dormitory, I can take thirty points from Gryffindor," the Potions Master said, putting aside the book he'd been holding in his hands. Apparently he had been reading it as Harry slept. The Gryffindor blinked, surprised.

"You've let me..." he said and paused. His voice was hoarse, as if from very long and loud shouting. He had a sore throat too. He cleared it and tried again: "You've let me sleep here for almost three hours?" he said, and blushed slightly when he finally remembered what was causing his pain. He cleared his throat again and saw a glimmer of amusement in the eyes of Severus.

Nasty bastard!

"Yes. I must admit that it was an extremely... interesting experience," Snape said, and on his lips a mischievous grin danced. "In particular, the outrageous moaning... Well, I didn't suspect that our Chosen One likes to entertain like that in public... Especially during a match? What would your fans say, Potter?"

Harry felt his face burning with shame. Images from the dream began to strike him with great force. He recalled the match, Snape, the Howler from McGonagall's, the orgasm...

Oh shit!

He quickly looked down at his pants. There remained a large, wet stain. Severus' eyes followed Harry's gaze, and one of his eyebrows rose. He asked in a mocking tone:

"A nice dream, Potter?

Harry didn't think that shame could be felt on skin like acid, but it was what he was experiencing now. He saw Severus was biting his lip so he would not to laugh. And that was even worse!

Harry abruptly turned his face away, not wanting to see Snape laughing at him in his humiliation.

"I have to go," Harry mumbled in a trembling, torn voice. "When I leave, you can laugh at me as much as you want." He couldn't hide the sorrow in his voice.

How could he? Was he so very fond of seeing himself humiliated?

"Shut up, Potter, and look at me!" the voice of Severus hit him like a whip, but Harry didn't want to obey him. He didn't want to look at him. Not when he had the impression that he'd just fade away from embarrassment.

Then he felt a touch of cool fingers on his chin. Severus gently but firmly turned his face to his own, forcing him to look in his eyes.

"You have to obey me," he said sharply, and all amusement was gone from his face. "Stop feeling sorry for yourself." For a moment he looked straight into Harry's green eyes, as if reflecting on something. "It is extremely... stimulating to be able to see for myself something that so far I've only heard about. How often do you dream about me that way?" Predatory sparks flashed in Snape's eyes.

Harry felt the shame slowly disappear, and be replaced with... curiosity. Did Snape really want to know? Was he really that interested? It looked like it...

"Too often," he mumbled indistinctly in response, feeling himself blush again.

"In that case we will have to do something about that," Snape cryptically replied.

He frowned. Was Severus thinking about the same thing Harry now was? His eyes widened, and a wild gleam came into the Potions Master's eyes. That was enough for Harry.

All the shame evaporated almost immediately, and was replaced by a pleasant tightness in his abdomen.

"I agree," he replied with an impish smile. "As far as I am concerned, you could stay inside me forever. But I think that would make it difficult for us to move..." seeing a puzzled look on Snape's face, he chuckled. His imagination began to make up different scenarios, each one more ridiculous than the other. "Can you imagine how we would look like if we went to the Great Hall like that?" Harry was no longer able to stand it, and began to laugh. Severus' disgusted face didn't help him to restrain himself. On the contrary, it casued him to have increasing difficulty in breathing. "Sorry," he giggled. "But I am imagining it myself... McGonagall would probably take all possible points from Gryffindor," Harry needed a moment to catch his breath. "I can just hear her voice, "Severus, please immediately exit Mr. Potter!"" Harry leaned forward, unable to control the hysterical laughter and wiped away tears when he saw that corners of Severus' mouth trembling uncontrollably.

"I never suspected that you could speak such mocking Slytherin's remarks, Potter," the man said, when he managed to gain some control.

When Harry finally stopped giggling, he smiled rakishly and replied:

"I learnt from the master."

"It seems that you are very tired, because you are beginning to talk nonsense," Severus said, pulling out his wand and casting a cleaning spell on Harry's pants. "If you do not find yourself inside your dormitory soon, I will really have to consider taking points away." In the depths of his eyes flashed something.

Harry felt a twinge of regret. He didn't want to go just yet. He wanted to stay here, together with Severus. Why did he always have to leave?

"I'd like to stay the night some night," he said quietly. "Sometimes, at night... such... longing grabs me... for you." He looked straight into the black, bottomless eyes and saw that from his words, a tiny light lit them. But very quickly it was extinguished. Like a spark that fell on a cold surface and as it came into contact with it instantly vanished. Between Snape's eyebrows a deep wrinkle appeared.

"Not only do you bother me all day, you want to keep doing it all night too?"

Harry frowned. He didn't know whether it was a mere mockery, a joke, or Severus had said this seriously. Why were all his senses screaming that it was the last option? He felt stupid because of his words. Maybe he really was clingy?

"All right. I'll go now. I don't want to bother you," his eyes flashed defiantly when he looked at Snape.

One dark eyebrow rose.

"Are you trying to provoke me, Potter?"

Here we go again! How did Snape always guess his intentions? Like he really could read him like an open book. Maybe Hermione was right? Maybe he really couldn't hide his feelings?

But Severus was right. He did want to provoke him. He wanted Snape to contradict him.

But then he didn't. And that was the reason for the painful pressure, which Harry suddenly felt in the chest.

"Never mind," he said quietly, getting down from Severus' knees. The man was still looking at him thoughtfuly. Harry wanted to turn away and leave, but he didn't. Instead he leaned over, hugged Severus' neck and kissed him on the cheek. He felt the man freeze and gasp.

"Good night, Severus," he said quietly, straightening up. He saw surprise in the eyes of the Potions Master, but it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

Harry smiled at him. However, when he was out the door, the smile disappeared from his face, only to be replaced by a deep sadness.

"Good night, Harry," the boy whispered to himself.

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